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Author Topic: The Movement's Dao Twitter Bounty Campaign  (Read 648 times)


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The Movement's Dao Twitter Bounty Campaign
« on: January 12, 2018, 03:49:40 PM »

The Movement DAO Bounty Campaign
Currently itís just the Twitter Bounty that is play as time goes on more bounty programmes will be added to the list.
- Join their Twitter Campaign and spread the word.
- The campaign ends when all available MVT have been paid out.

Campaign's Total Available MVT: 30,000 MVT.
- Weekly Payout:

⌠     Rank     |                       Payout   |
|     5000+ followers     |      100 MVT   |
|     2000-4000 followers     |      80 MVT   |
|     1000-2000 followers     |      60 MVT   |
|     500-1000 followers     |      40 MVT   |
|     250-500 followers     |      20 MVT   |
|     50-100 followers     |      10 MVT   |

Terms and Condition:
- Active Twitter accounts with real followers only. Once approved, your MVT reward will be paid out weekly to your ETH address from The Movement's Bounty Fund.
- Each participant is approved manually. Accounts that are on any blacklists, or have negative default trust, are not allowed to join.
- Your reward rank will be estimated by your followers and your account activity.
- You need to make at least 1 tweet, 4 re-tweets and 1 pinned tweet each week.
- You can only re-tweet tweets that are under 2 weeks old.
- you can post up to 20 tweets/re-tweets per day during the campaign.
- Follower/following ratio of your twitter account must greater than 1.5.
- If you do not meet those requirements, you will not be qualified to receive Stakes. (see below for rank chart)
- For your content to be qualified, you need to choose at least one of these three content types below:
- Raise/answer questions about The Movement DAO.
- Encourage or provide persuasive reasons for why people should participate in The Movement DAO token contribution event.
- Provide a constructive comparison with other token contribution events (token advantages, team members, business model, etc).
- To make valid content and posts must contain hashtag #TheMovement, 100 characters or more to be eligible. Posts with less than the valid number of characters will not qualify.
- Retweets must be from The Movementís official Twitter account.
- The tweets must not be removed from your personal Twitter until the end of the bounty campaign. The posts must be public.
- Twitter accounts must be original and owned by you. Fake, dead, inactive, and bot accounts will not be accepted.
- Joining with multiple accounts is not allowed. Users with multiple accounts will be blacklisted.
- If you have any questions related to twitter bounty, please contact @HolidayQ via Telegram.
 - Re-tweet and/or like the majority of tweets

How to Participate in the Bounty Program

1. Follow

2. Make a post in this thread with the following details (or send a message to Dropper):;u=1091123
Twitter Link:
ETH address:
3. Like, retweet, and/or comment The Movement's new tweets. 
4 Log your retweets and post your report in this thread weekly.