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SMF - Just Installed!

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 on: July 24, 2018, 11:13:38 AM 
Started by Dave Partner - Last post by Dave Partner

The recently passed Malta’s cryptocurrency framework regulatory has pending actions towards effectiveness, and this was said by the Island’s financial watchdog on Friday.

The Malta’s parliament earlier this month announced the three blockchain and cryptocurrency related-bills final approval. According to the press release isussed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), one of the new law—Virtual Financial Assets Framework complementing the Virtual Financial Assets Act is still under development.

The MFSA did not specify or state when the framework would be effective so the only indication provided was that, it would happen “on specific date in the Government Gazette as the Minister of Digital Economy may establish by notice. Therefore, it was noted by the regulator that the blockchain companies will have to wait for the public announcement before filling the requests for approval and authorization.

The target of the Virtual Financial Asset Framework is the financial transactions and sales on the Malta’s cryptocurrency market. Rules are established for brokers, exchanges, wallet providers, asset managers, investment advisors and market makers in other to regulate the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and cryptocurrency trading.

The framework is combined with two other laws—“The Malta Digital Innovation Authority Act” and “The Innovation Technology Arrangements and Services Act”—aiming to bring consumer protection, market integrity and and industry protection in Malta, as explained earlier this month by the government.

Last year, the prime minister Joseph Muscat revealed his intent to establish the archipelago as a “Blockchain Island”. Malta has been on a fast pace to the crypto world. The two biggest platform by trading volume, Binance and OKEx included, Malta has attracted several large cryptocurrency exchanges by living up to this nickname.

Recently, Malta presented as the world’s first blockchain  and cryptocurrency stock echange as the Malta Stock Exchange (MSX) created a new subsidiary to take charge of the island’s digital asset and fintech transactions. Earlier this month, Binance revealed its participation in the decentralized Malta-based crypto bank project, dubbed Founders Bank. The creation of MSX’s Fintech and Digital Asset Arm followed the MSX signing deal with OKEx news to develop a new security token.

 on: April 16, 2018, 12:24:56 PM 
Started by olayinka - Last post by olayinka
Just this morning the 16th of April, 2018, the price of Bitcoin rose to $8,450 recording a huge buy volume across major cryptocurrency exchanges. As the first runner up performer of the day is Cardano which has risen by 11% and it is at $300 billion region.
Movement without Restrictions
Almost all cryptocurrencies have traded the path of bitcoin price amidst periods of extreme volatility. The most populous cryptocurrency in the market ended up as the best till date is Bitcoin thereby performing way better than other small market caps cryptocurrencies.
Investors now a days consider bitcoin as a harmless haven asset in global market which leads to high demands of bitcoin and bad performance altcoins. Note, Bitcoin has deepest market, highest liquidity and largest number of users.
The market is stable and recovering from independent movement and unwillingness of traders to match the price trend of bitcoin. Now, in the calls to start and acquire more small cap cryptocurrencies as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum investors and traders have become more ambitious.
Since January Bitcoin and Ethereum perform greater than small cap cryptocurrencies in the market. Allocation of investors and traders funds in assets that are highly volatile and risky when investors feel not sure about the future.
A day ago, the price of Cardano(ADA), rose by 12% against the USD and 13% against bitcoin. The price of South Korea's Ethereum called ICON(ICX) has put down great profit against USD and Bitcoin.
Trend of Bitcoin
A week ago, price of bitcoin skyrocketed to $8,000 coming from $6,900 within a 30 minute period of time. An unexpected rise in buy volume of Bitcoin occured. Within one week, the bitcoin price increased to $8,450.
Bitcoin is not oversold at the current rate this was proven by Two momentum oscillators( Williams Percent Range and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) ).
Bitcoin has recorded a minor drop over a day but traders are gong to recover from yesterday losses. Hopefully, Bitcoin will rise to $9,000 in the future.


At the Billionaire self-named Draper University in San Mateo, California He stated that Bitcoin price target will be $250,000 in 2022 He said this on April 12,2018.
Amazing, the venture capitalist correctly forecast Bitcoin to top $10,000 by the end of 2017 and Bitcoin rose to above $13,000 on December 31,2017 this made market observers not take his prediction as a joke considering the fact that he has a fairly good history for for-casting right.
Blockchain is Transformational
Draper says Blockchain is totally good and it will tremendously affect all sectors and many industries positively.
Draper has this strong confidence for blockchain and this confidence is known to many.
He told the San Mateo Daily Journal that Blockchain is part of the most transformational technologies in the world and it's deserves celebration.
In order to help entrepreneurs launch blockchain-based businesses the Rockefeller family has invested in CoinFund.
Making a long-term investment in Blockchain is what David Pakman, a partner in Venrock- the venture-capital arm of the Rockefeller family wants.
Lot of crypto traders in the market and cryptocurrency hedge funds looks a bit like venture capital, Pakman said.
How to get $600 piece of Bitcoin purchase 30,000 Bitcoin
Originating from a long family line of venture capitalist, Draper has succeeded with a MBA and undergraduate degree from Harvard and Stanford University respectively.
Belongings seized during criminal raids are frequently auctions off by the Justice Department. Four years ago(2014), Draper bought 30,000 bitcoins for $600 apiece(total  price paid: $18.5 million ) at an auction by a law-enforcement arm of the Department of Justice,U.S. Marshals Service.
A token of Bitcoin costs $8,000 as at now, The billionaire stake is worth about $240 million as now. For a four-year investment that is not bad.
The technology behind bitcoin is here to stay.
 Bitcoin, crypto and Blockchain has been included in classes in Draper's alma mater Stanford business school.

We see a great future of Bitcoin regardless of it's dip says Bitcoin large investors.
Still, retail investors foresee a great opportunity to enter the cryptocurrency market regardless of Bitcoin price decline since January.

Putting down 72% drop in value in the recent deadline from $19,000 to $6,000. Bitcoin has been updated since its 10 year history.
Bitcoin has the ability to recover from its losses in some years time, Each update of Bitcoin is similar to the previous, started by Tom Lee and Peter Thiel.
Across the Board  Lee explained that they could invest in the space after a 72 percent. Regarding the recent correction analyst agree that the cryptocurrency market will start to see new volumes coming in, from new investors.
In order to invest in the most dominant cryptocurrency in the market, recently the co-founder of Augur(the successful blockchain project), stated the investors in over-the-counter(OTC)  markets looking for multi-billion  dollar bids.
Allocating billion of new  dollar into the cryptocurrency market, leading to the increase of Bitcoin will cause lot of money in dollar not to have impact on the cryptocurrency exchange market.

At the Onset
It's almost five years since J.R Willet launched his "Mastercoin" in July 2013 which was the first Initial coin offering in history. Since then, Mastercoin has generated close to $3.7 billion of dollars until the last month of the year 2017. Last year saw it rise in result with this platform. Later that time when the amount of VC transaction had decreased by almost 50%  close to 10,000 transactions in 2017.  Last year saw rose in result with this platform. Later that time when the amount of VC transaction has decreased by almost 50%  close to 10,000 transactions in 2017. The truth that the money invested in VC has not declined by the same amount, as clear as pure water that the traditional VC is now focusing on less but huge transactions. Implying that VC does not accomplish the early funding needs of start-ups which then have converted to ICOs in order to raise funds.

Comparing ICOs to crowrdfuding there exist some disadvantages. Some startups have not succeded in raising money less than a million USD with crowdfunding campaign and succeded in raising millions in the first day ICOs were used. for example-Kickstarter( a crowdfund that is succesful)-in eight years raised lot of money in dollars . we say Kickstarter is succesful but the same amount of money it used eight years to raise ICOs will raise in two years.
Why create an ICOs?
First, An ICO is an event in which a new cryptocurrency project sells part of its cryptocurrency tokens to early adopters and enthusiasts in exchange for money today. ICOs provide a way for cryptocurrency project creators to raise money for their operations. Most ICOs raise money in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. It is important to know that ICOs are esstential access to a liquid market. it makes digitizing/tokenizing any assets and trade it on a global market.

Gardner stated " OTC market demands for large chunks of Bitcoins."

Bad Event occurrences
  Cboe and CME GROUP are Strictly regulated markets investors in the bitcoin market and they are expected in the  bitcoin and cryptocurrency to enter the cryptocurrency market by major financial instructions for example Goldman Sachs enter the nearest future stated by Jon Matonis, an  expert in cryptocurrency and co-founder of Bitcoin Foundation.
Matonis stated that Soon futures markets,  options markets, interest rate markets will be created around  Bitcoin. However, the index for Bitcoin interest rates is Bibor.
A corrective rally was began by bitcoin for a short period which led to short-term recovery, as at now bitcoin lacks speed, traders  expects bitcoin bottomprice in the $6,000 mark. However, retail investors  have placed large money on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies inn some Asian countries like Japan and South Korea.

Worst Season are over and the Future is bright and colorful  for Bitcoin Pantera says.
Now is the season for bitcoin to shine and glow, Pantera(a top cryptocurrency fund) says. It is going higher and higher.
In a letter written by Panteera Capital Management, a top cryptocurrency fund with $800 million-plus in assest under management.
In the words of Pantera's Dan Morhead and Joey Krug in the note, "I have not seen a  strong conviction on timing.I don't say want I did not see, but bitcoin will drive the market  much higher. "
Observing historical data, pantera has made a single recommendation in the past seven years in their note since when they first gained exposure to bitcoin in 2014.  Show casing long-term trend, bitcoin has breached its pivotal 200-day moving average at the latest call of a bottom.
Is Pantera saying the truth the it is time  for bitcoin investors to sparkle, the news  came after the bitcoin price had been unfavorable and unstable since a month ago.
Soon the bitcoin beast record price will be close $20,000. Bitcoin investors asks what bottom will be for 2018 bear market and pantera replied that the floor was $6,500.
Worst Seasons are over
Worst Season is over for bitcoin and this made Pantera happy, by which in 2017 generated profits of some 25,000% since the fund  began. Since March pantera has struggled with the bear market.
the volatility in the price of bitcoin that rocked the fund,“which was the worst in [their] model’s 27-month history,” as per Pantera’s Krug cited in last month’s investor letter.The value of its Digital Asset Fund was nearly halved last month when it lost 45.7% of its value.
Krug is no doubt breathing a sigh of relief as all of the crypto community can do now that this technically important level has been achieved.

Fast-forward to the last couple of months, the media has been in a frenzy. As an early Bitcoin enthusiast, this has been exciting, but admittedly also a quite sad experience. Everyone is talking about making a quick buck by investing, and even the smart people who understand the technology often throws around vague statements that blockchain will change the world but never really are able to say more than this.
It’s difficult to run from the fact: Bitcoin is pretty complex. Because most people rather want to be right and precise, they can’t make “easy to understand explanations”. I plan to do the opposite. Some details will be bent, but I will try to explain everything so it’s very understandable.
Let’s start with the white paper. In academia, new research is published in the form of a white paper. A white paper is basically a pretty short report that is very compact, often very difficult to read and full of formulas.

Regulation of South Korea Cryptocurrency Market
The form of South Korea cryptocurrency is not comparable. Out of the country population , two millon traders comprises the Largest markets for Bitcoin and Ethereum last summer. THe CEO of major crypto exchange Coinone, Cha Myunghun says speculative spirit has helped his company grow from 20 employee to 100 employee today. In Korea, Coinone has skyrocketed to the top three cryptocurrency exchange,  in monthly revenue last December reaching 23.4 billion and 643,000 users.
Speculation are not needed in making a healthy market. he said the investors are been educated about the technology and market. In time past, the channel of sending money abroad was not available. Cha appreciated how blockchain technology helps in sending money aborad cheaply while eliminating the middleman. Cha, a white-hat hacker and cybersecurity engineer, realized massive benefits and impart of cryptocurrency and blockchain after going through Bitcoin's white paper at about four years ago and give birth to Coinone in February 2014. Issusing statement and raising the bar for technological standardson the technological aspect of each coin it lists by Coinone has pulled in front of rival exchanges.
In Ethereum trade, Korea has became one of the top markets.  Regulations has implemented some security and identity verification requirements while banning all foreigners from trading with fiat on the exchanges. Cha said he was confident that despite comments, regulators would never go as far as banning cryptocurrency trade, the core service of his company. The government is always concerned with cryptocurrency. Against the global trends  is shut  down of exchanges, he says.
Cha syas drug trade or the transfer of large money abroad should be focused on by regulations. He sees ICOs problem and the spreading of the concept that the government will have to regulate. He says the system is still in a gray area, if the system is more instittutionalized, it will be easier to report problems. Cha and his colleagues in the industry believe the government has reacted harsly because regulators are not knowledgable about cryptocurrency.
Technology's popularity only picked up aftr Korea's crypto boom last year along side that not much innovation in korea's blockchain scene. In last than a year companies seem to rush their white papers as they target ICO's, Cha says.
this is part of the reason why Cha can not recruit. A workplace with passionate people about their job likewise cryptocurrency.

Cha says he want to create a culture for people to be happy and enjoy they work and he pays lot of attention to benefits at coinone, he said as the company grows, people will be brought in.
However, the regulators have been trying to balance bitcoin to fit into the financial regulation that currently exist. At a G20 meeting last month, task forces are working to submit proposals.

The world might have been overwhelmed with the advent of online advertising and marketing methods due to the fact that it is one of the fastest, reliable and effective means to reach out to a wide audience. Nevertheless, the word-of-mouth communication is still one of the best methods of effectively disseminating information. This is because most times, people who adopt this method of communication are relating from their experience which appeals to people most of the time. According to a research carried out in consumer psychology, consumers tend to pay more attention to advertisements that have emotional undertones and most times, word-of-mouth advertising almost always achieves this because it does a great deal at convincing consumers.

Why? IT is because it connects to customers at a more personal level.
Although, these methods might be really applicable when dealing with products and services so it might be a little different in the case of cryptocurrency ads and marketing because most people do not really know the basics about this concept.
As a result of the drop down of cryptocurrency social media ads, more effort has to be infused in widening their word-of-mouth marketing horizons. Although, this has been really effective amongst cryptocurrency traders and investors who consciously and subconsciously find themselves discussing about cryptocurrency, disseminating information about cryptocurrency, and making testimonials about it.
Nevertheless, there is a blockchain that serves as a platform by being a market that contains all professional information you can ever think of: conferences, books, seminars and a host of others. It goes a long way in helping the educational/informational and other professional sectors. Putting all these information on the blockchain makes it accessible to all and sundry. It is decentralized, therefore no regulatory body can decide to do a drop down of all the adverts and information situated on the blockchain. This is very innovative as it would be used as a means of disseminating important cryptocurrency information to the world at large without any hitch. Blockchains are really important places to reach out to a much wider audience and enhance audience participation about cryptocurrency investors and other prospective investors.

Also, telegram might be a wonderful platform for disseminating information that concerns cryptocurrency. Discussions and other interviews can be made and viewed on telegram.

What exactly is traditional marketing and what are its significance?
It is simply looking for efficient ways to market your products and make it available to its target audience through television, radio, print, word-of-mouth advertising, door-to-door advertising and the likes. Its advantages are that it enhances adequate exposure, gives you a wider audience and a broader audience participation.
Of a truth, cryptocurrencies are doing really well in marketing and advertising system despite various bans. Invariably, they would perform so well in traditional marketing which will be highly informative and relevant to the world of today.

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 on: April 11, 2018, 09:38:15 AM 
Started by Rita Ojieh - Last post by Rita Ojieh

It becomes a cliche when you try to continuously comment about rigging and other electoral related issues because it is expected. About 99% of elections can be said to have been manipulated. This is despicable because in the end, the sole purpose of the reasons behind having elections has been defeated. The sole purpose is TRANSPARENCY. But when elections are being rigged, where then does transparency set in?   It is to this regard that a platform called VoteWatcher surfaced.

Nick Spanos, a  co-founder of Zap, founder of Blockchain Technologies Corp which ushered in the Blockchain Apparatus, DAVE bitcoin ATM and lastly Votewatcher gave the world an opportuity to have  free and fair elections through the use of VoteWatcher which is a platform built upon blockchain technology.

VoteWatcher: What is its mission?
This platform is out to create an overhaul in the systematic ways elections are being run all around the world by using a technologically advanced mechanism which promises to be dependable and trustworthy. This will go a long way in reforming the electoral systems all around the globe. As to this effect, about 10,000 scanned ballots have been acquired and efforts are being put into covering the elections in Sierra Leone, Russia and Virginia.  This platform had already been tested at lower levels in the US and it was very efficient so plans are being made to take this platform to the next level by widening its horizons.How does this platform operate?   The ballot papers that will be used will still remain the normal ballot paper used by the government in question, but the processes would be quite meticulous so as to ensure clarity at each procedure of the electoral process using a hardware which runs codes openly.   Also, some customized ballot which have distinct codes are being used in order to avoid the repetition of an already used ballot. Afterwards, the paper ballot is scanned by a voting machine and then it is moved safely to the candidate in question through the blockchain.
Can VoteWatcher Be Used in All Countries?
According to its founder, it could be used anywhere as long as it is called for. He pointed out that the obscurity in elections have been a major problem and this platform will go at any length in tackling these problems all around the world.The use of this platform in developing continents like Africa would actually be a huge step because there is a dire need to pay particular attention to countries with budding democratic practices.

In a nutshell, this platform seems like a very effective one as it has its main aim as wiping out corrupt practices in the running of electoral systems all around the world.

  Following the drop down of ads, questions as regards how information would be passed across to the audience was an infinity, since cryptocurrency was the "hot topic" on all media platforms. Fortunately, some higher institutions have deemed it fit to educate interested and inquisitive ones on the significance of digital currencies by introducing courses that relate to digital currencies and then admitting interested students to come and learn a great deal that might change the world for good.
Although, cryptocurrency teaching in schools have been going on for a while in some institutions but had not surfaced. Professor Dan Boneh, a professor in Computer Security in Stanford University had been teaching cryptocurrencies since 2015 and has taught so many students in that discipline. In his words, cryptocurrencies is an insight into teaching cryptography and this goes a long way because digital currencies hold high value which attracts so many people to  it. It was made known that one of the top applied and studied courses is "Security and Cryptography". Actually,  Stanford University is not the only institution that offers crypto-related courses, so many schools have embraced it quite recently.
Another example is the Australian tech-university RMIT which has shown interest in introducing "Blockchain Strategy" as a course which would be taken on a short-term basis. An institution in Pittsburgh has been teaching "Special Topics In Crytography'. The name of the school is Vipul Goyal. This course is pretty famous as it has aroused the interests of so many scholars in the academic field.

Other universities that have deemed it fit to introduce cryptocurrency activities into their curriculum include:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers an education on blockchain which is called the Digital Currency Initiative

University of California has a class called "cryptocurrency decal" which has been ongoing for quite some time.

University of Washington has a blockchain society where students and other people can make researches , share them and have an in-depth knowledge on digital currency.
These institutions give students the opportunity to choose and optimize their digital career and then gives them the adequate and substantial knowledge and information they need to keep their ambitions going.
    Why is this a positive growth?

These also goes a long way in igniting and arousing the attention and interest of prospective clients in the cryptocurrency world. This will give the digital world an impression  that they have come to make adjustments in the financial world.
In addition, this will encourage the  education of digital currencies to students at a much mire younger age which will go a long way in giving them an early exposure. Exposing a child to a concept at early age will trigger so much growth, and this is what these institutions are trying to instigate, so that the upcoming generation will not cease to change the financial world through diverse means.

    An extensive research as carried out by researchers which made them assume the prediction that bitcoin is likely to encounter a drastic loss of value and might lose almost $44 billion which is really insignificant compared to its present $121 billion state. This was carried out by the The Swiss Institute Of Finance, University of Geneva in conjunction with the Zurich's department of Management and Technology.
According to the researchers, the sole reason why there are unexplained insecurities and volatility in the digital currency world is the fact that there are no patterns or traceable technical signs that might explain the theories behind the sole idea of using a digital currency.  In this vein, a particular fundamental law called the Metcalfe's Law of network was used to justify the rise and fall of bitcoin. It was also used to determine the increase in bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole. Also according to the theory,  the increase of the communication is equivalent to the number of people which are engaged in that particular activity, and according to this research, Bitcoin has backslid.

Current State of Bitcoin
  Although technically, the rate at which bitcoin activities are declining is quite on the edge in the sense that the drop down of ads have made a lot of people disinterested in bitcoin activities and as a result, the prices have continued to drop over the past few months, also so many digital currencies around it are crashing as well. in defense, some might say that the reason is due to the fact that bitcoin ambassadors and investors  have so many wallet addresses and then the declining stage in bitcoin price is just meant to discard unenthusiastic users and then usher in more enthusiastic users.
   Nevertheless, ongoing arguments in support of bitcoin says that for the fact that these digital currencies are looking like they have no positive results to offer does not mean that they are actually negative. Therefore people were advised to focus on what these digital currencies hold for the future, rather than dwelling on its current insecurities.
  The values which were predicted were between the ranges of $22-44 billion USD which looks like a very big slap on the face. Going by these predictions, bitcoin is set to undergo a tragic loss which might leave an indelible mark on the bitcoin investors. The current value of bitcoin is about $170 billion USD. This is undoubtedly and apparently a huge loss.

In finality, let us bear it in mind that this is also a prediction, and might be highly subjective. Not all predictions are bound to happen. It is never too late for amendment and retracing of steps in the world of digital currencies so as to save the world from the tragedy of this prediction.
 It is a big shock to the cryptocurrency users that the State Bank Of Pakistan has ordered the immediate ban of the use of digital currencies within the state. The Bank of Pakistan released a statement  as regards the use of cryptocurrency related activities in the country.
 According to the bank Of Pakistan, all various forms of coins and ICOs should not and will not be widely and legally accepted in the country. This is because it is felt that there is no form of assurance while dealing with cryptocurrencies since it is digital, flexible and has no form of regulation whatsoever by designated bodies, and then it was not in form of notes like fiat currencies which makes it automatically unacceptable by the Pakistan Government. As we speak, the Pakistan Government never authorized or gave license to the use of digital currencies within the country. This goes a long way in revealing that the use of cryptocurrencies in Pakistan was never adopted or embraced by the government. its people only adopted it as a current world trend which is making great impact and touching so many lives both locally and internationally.

    The government of Pakistan have conspicuously shown some feelings towards digital currencies that cannot be tagged as "positive". So many research and investigations have been made so many times as regards digital currencies which made them declare the use of digital currencies as "void". With this regard, all banking institutions and financial-related organisations have been sternly asked to desist from activities that will involve or enhance the use of digital currencies across the state. Invariably, Pakistanis do not have a right to hold, trade, invest, buy, transfer, or execute businesses with the use of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. This applies to banks too as they would readily ban or freeze accounts involving crypto affairs and transactions, and then such cases would be reported to higher financial authorities.

What exactly perpetrated the ban?

Overtime, the Pakistani government has smelt a rat in the use of cryptocurrency. The acute flexibility, accessibility and market insecurities have aroused great suspicions from the government such that the State Bank of Pakistan were strongly against the use of digital currencies which would warrant an immediate prosecution to the affected person. Therefore, trading, mining, and other activities associated with digital currencies have been prohibited.

   The impressive increase in bitcoin and other digital currencies overtime has posed a serious threat to the centralized financial institutions of the world, as the full emergence of bitcoin would gladly throw the centralized currencies to the winds. This is actually what has been closely observed by the Governments of Pakistan and India, and these threats are the reasons why these governments are making conscious and deliberate efforts to cripple the activities of the digital currencies.
Opinion: India’s Cryptocurrency Crackdown Infringes on Fundamental Law
A Lawyer at Delhi High Court in India called Mohammed Danish raised an argument that the Indian Central Bank's recent directive to bar banking services toCryptocurrency exchanges is not palatable by law. All queries should be directed to
Anew press release by the Reserve Bank of India(RBI) says that 2018 do not seem to bestow a sigh of relief to the crypto community. RBI has sparked off a tumultuous reaction which is driving  the crypto-hopefuls in a tizzy.
The sctoer continue to expand by rising prices of cryptocurrencis, the RBI has been issuing cautionary to the crypto community about the potential financial risks which the community is exposed while dealing in cryptocurrency.
The finance Minisiter in Hon'ble stated in his budget speech that cryptocurrrency is not known as a legal tender,In the crypto community many has welcomed the mention of "crypto" in the speech and interpreted it to be a subtle nod for endorsing the crypto-trading.
The crypto community has stuck in another whirlpool of legal haphazard since the RBI wrath has fallen. There is an acknowledgement that the potential of Blockchain in improving the efficiency of the financial system, market integrity,  money laundering and consumer protection are the risk involved in cryptocuurecies. As a result of entities regulated by the RBI  which is precluded from providing services to any person or business entities dealing with cryptocurrecniecs, crypto investors will not be able to transfer money from their bank accounts to crypto trading wallets like Zebpay, Coinsecure, Unocoin etc.
Under Article 12 of the constitution and therefore RBI is Forbidden  under Article 13 to issue any direction/circular which takes away or abridges the fundamental rights enshrined in Part III of the Constitution and any direction so issued in contravention of Article 13 shall be void.
Contrarily, RBI kept a restriction on the banks to deal with all the business entities. In the trade of crypto RBI direction seeks to paint all the entities which cannot sustain the test of constitutional validity.
The opportunity of growth is as a result of the challenges. Present state,the crypto community is required to keep patience and wait for the law to take its own course as unlike other territories where the crypto is struggling for survival, India is a country which is governed by the rule of law. The unfolding events will certainly bring about the new avenues for the world of cryptocurrencies in India.

India's initial ban on cryptocurrency shook the market from left to right and then gave the price of Bitcoin a whooping DROP to about $6,600. Subsequently, they took a new measure by deciding to adopt its own state-endorsed cryptocurrency.
 A press release which was made by the Reserve Bank of India(RBI) tried to outline the costs and gains that might be derived from cryptocurrencies. They made it known that cryptocurrencies can efficiently turn the financial world around for good but due to the fact that scam coins have been a major issue in the cryptocurrency community, the risk of money laundering, cyber crimes and all other fraudulent activities might be on the rise. It also supports India's position in  banning all other cryptocurrencies except the one endorsed by the state because it is felt that traders, investors and crypto-loyalists have to play the cautionary role so as to avoid being vulnerable to risks that are closely related to the activities of cryptocurrency. So to this effect, the  regulatory financial body of India (RBI) shall have nothing to do with the dealings associated with any other digital currencies which are not endorsed by the state.

Is Crypto a "NO" in India?
    So many ongoing speculations have it that the use of digital currencies in India has been totally banned, and that the use of only State-approved crypto was just a propaganda or politics. Nevertheless, it is apparent that the ban was a partial ban on the use of external cryptocurrencies as the RBI, which is the central regulating organisation of India and this body is responsible for directing and controlling financial activities, and has NEVER regarded the use of cryptocurrencies as illegitimate and unacceptable by the indian government.

Why IS the use of India-endorsed cryptocurrency being chosen amongst other cryptocurrencies?
  According to RBI, the consideration of the state-endorsed digital currency was due to the fact that there had been a reform overtime in the financial system which has which has ushered in a lot of tokens and has resulted to a constant increase of fiat currencies (a legal tender which is widely accepted by the given country both locally and internationally). Therefore they fell that central banks worldwide should introduce "fiat digital currencies".  This should be done so as to be a backbone and a solid ground for all other digital currencies in that particular state. A spokesperson from the FBI also chipped in that the state-endorsed cryptocurrency will ensure that there will be less minting of currency notes in the financial system.

So what happens to the whole idea of a decentralized system?
  the focal point of the digital currencies was not to partner with the regulatory financial bodies of the fiat currency but to exist as a means to correct  the errors which were made by the centralized financial system.

Placing a partial ban on digital currencies might be an impediment to the success of subsequent innovations that might arise through the use of the blockchain technology system, which will go a long way in crippling the activities of cryptocurrency for the future.

Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin will be the world’s ‘single currency’ in 10 years
Commenting in a recent interview with the times Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey said Cryptocurrency will become the world's single currency within 10 years.
According to him, The world  ultimately will have a single currency, the internet will have a single currency. He said the transition will happen in ten years and the currency  will be bitcoin.
Dorsey is the CEO of Twitter and Square and he is a fan of bitcoin, recently the option to buy and sell bitcoin is added to Square Cash app. The benefit of digital currency has been illustrated in Children story by the company. He classified bitcoin currency has the next big unlock for the world of finance.
The interview was part of the promotional tour for square. he declined to take any questions about Twitter.Apparently, the issues of fixing his other company’s toxic culture, problems of abuse, and hateful conduct are less interesting than pretending to reinvent the world’s financial system.

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 on: April 06, 2018, 01:38:23 PM 
Started by olayinka - Last post by olayinka
Chrome Web Store will ban cryptocurrency mining extensions in July
The Chrome web store is banning cryptocurrency  mining scripts extensions announced Google. As of today, coin mining scripts extensions in the store are been rejected and existing ones will be removed by July.
In March Google announced she will ban all cryptocurrency-related advertising in june. Facebook and twitter was the one that the move to ban cryptocurrency ads.
Before Chrome web store allow cryptocurrency mining extensions if these  requirement were met,: Mining had to be extension sole purpose, and the user had to be adequately informed about the mining behavior.
There has been a rise in malicious extensions the include hidden cryptocurrency mining scripts running without the user consent this has led Google to decide to make changes. among the extensions with mining scripts that developers have attempted to upload to the Chrome Web Store have failed to comply with the  aforementioned policies.
Significant CPU resources are often consume by mining scripts, which can severely affect the computer's performance and power consumption.
Browsers are hijacked for mining this is the major problem with Chrome extension. The company stated that the extensions that offer other blockchain-related  features or services other than mining will be allowed.
User get the most out of Chrome this is enable by a vibrant  catalog of extensions built by community of developer which was helped  by powerful capability extension platform. Malicious software developers have attempted to abuse the platform at the expense of users which is been attracted by these very capabilities.
The policy is another step forward in ensuring that Chrome users can enjoy the benefits of extensions without exposing themselves to hidden risks says Google.

Mining cost has risen and price of cryptocurrencies are reducing which has become a problem for savvy college students who are into bitcoin mining. Even at that, the persistent decrease in crytpocurrency price has eating a large portion of their profit margin.
However, the demand for computer graphic processing units has increased. GPU are also used in gaming industry,as made gamers and miners scramble for graphic cards. Laying your hand on a Nvidia GTX 1070 will be between $699 and $850, which is a steep price for most college kids to pay.
Take a look at Alex a student that has manage to take his mining business off the radar of the radar of the university by carefully positioning GPUS to avoid outage of power, A fairleigh Dickenson University(FDU) senior who has been mining BTC for the past six years since the bitcoin price was trading in the single digits told CNBC.
AT the beginning cryptocurrency mining wasn't really the electricity sapping phenomenon it is today. His mining business operate all through the clock which has earned him anywhere from a $200 to $1,000 every eight weeks or so and which he directs toward books.
A student said cryptocurrency mining consume kilowatt per hour of power therefore it is immoral to use campus power to mine. Not all student bitcoin miners run their equipment on campus
Another student at FDU could not resist the opportunity in cryptocurrency mining at year end 2017 when the price of Bitcoin  was trading more than double where it is today.
Feeding the Beast
In exchange for a bonus in the blockchain there exist solving complicated equation known as proof-of-work in Bitcoin mining. The puzzles becomes more complex the more the transaction and block increased, which only feeds the beast by ramping up power consumption to mine more bitcoin, Monero, etc.
If universities decide to clamp down on their bitcoin mining policies, college students could lose a key advantage once cryptocurrency prices rebound.

There exist a problem for ripple.
XRP,a startup that controls the world's largest cryptocurrency. Equity stakes has been bought by banks and also they have signed in its network,  with the aim to reconstructs the path money move around the globe. Ripple has not been able to obtain a coveted list for XRP on two of the top U.S. cryptocurrency.
The absence of Ripple and XRP on Gemini and Coinbase is eye-catching.The sucess of Ripple hinges in part on getting XRP listed on the top trading venues. The control of XRP by a single company has fueled speculation it could fall under that designation.
A year ago, a ripple executive asked if a $1 million cash payment could persuade Gemini to list XRP in the third quarter, said by  people familiar with the matter. the people said ripple has attempted to get Gemini to add XRP BY strategies exploration like paying out rebates and covering related costs.
the proposal pursuit was declared by Gemini and Coinbase.
The company spokeswoman Emmalee kremer said some of the information was inaccurate but declined to specify which details she was disputing. "In order to build a strong ecosystem of XRP ripple has always been transparent." "In order to enable fast and cheap global payments we allow XRP to be the most liquid digital assets possible."
Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss the co-founders pf Gemini, declined the comment. there has been a decline in the discussion of specific assets, but referred Bloomberg to the exchange's listing framework.
IN the recent month few things has propelled XRP price than speculation that the token is set to graduate to a U.s. exchange, which face stricter regulatory purview than market based in some other parts of the world. to cement the standing of XRP among the titans of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, the most popular and valuable of the bunch.
Coming with a Silicon Valley Technology company is XRp which is the value link between the world of banking and digital currencies. XRP has the aim to revolutionize the way money is transferred across borders by making it faster and cheaper.
According to its website, ripple uses incentives to entice market markers to buy and sell XRP and periodically sells its digital token to institutional investors.The concern of close relatives deeming XRP a security that ripple ownership stake represent.
which token deserves that designation is still been clarified by Authorities.
There will be an exchange in the offer when XRP is classified as a security, among the largely unrelated wild west of cryptocurrencis it would be removed and become subject to requirements similar to those that govern assets like stocks.

This splendid innovation should actually come as a shock in the world of cryptocurrency as New Hampshire, a state in the United States of America was never known for being crypto-inclined, and then they table a world-class bitcoin strategy. The founders, Derrick J. Freeman and Steven Zeiler came up with the first physical, tangible and actual bitcoin establishment which is called the Bitcoin Shoppe. This establishment is meant for cryptocurrency users who purchase goods and then pay in bitcoin. The establishment is such that it is open to prospective cryptocurrency users. For example, a non cryptocurrency user who wants to make purchase will helped in downloading a wallet meant for transactions.
The big question is: how is it run?

Well, the founders use a software called Anypay. It is a free point-of-sale which is used through an ipad. This establishment cum investment was established last year and it is said to be open at all hours of the day, and all days of the week. This is undoubtedly a huge investment  which also serves as a platform or an avenue to inform and keep people abreast of bitcoin activities. According to the founders, “the most significant reason for the establishment is to educate people on bitcoin activities through “Bitcoin 101” class.

What exactly is the significance of this establishment?

The co-founder Mr Freeman commented on the significance of cryptocurrencies saying that it is not just a panacea for tackling detestable values but its objective is also to enhance those coins that support our common values which are shared across the globe, which implies that cryptocurrency is meant for everyone in the world.

This investment will be so significant because it is a physical setting where the inquisitive can get information and where the “doubting thomases can come to clear their doubts. Sometimes, people get some information from the news and might not be able to comprehend due to the volatility of cryptocurrency or market insecurities. This investment will not only make huge profit but will go a long way in granting consumer satisfaction to cryptocurrency users.

What are the adopted strategies used by Bitcoin Shoppe?

This investment has already mapped out various strategies  with the aid of huge maps and flags which will aid the customer’s comprehension. Also the use of pamphlets are also being encouraged which explains to the consumer on how to get bitcoin wallets and other bitcoin activities.

In an interview with News.Bitcoin.Com, it was asked how the crypto community had received the investment. And there were dozens of feedback which expressed love for the current establishment. This goes a long way in showing us that Bitcoin Shoppe looks very promising and has a lot of things to offer to the world at large!

The Saber Case: How Complementary Currencies Can Go Crypto And Change The World
There has been a massive wave in the cryptocurrency adoption in the past few years. You can use bitcoin to pay for anything from coffee to real estate. There exist so much untapped potentials from decentralized digital coins. Saber is a brazilian complementary currency project , created in the early 2000s to promote the educational system.
Brief history of complementary currencies
Complementary Currencies (CCs) has another name community currencies, they  are alternative of conventional money. The purpose is basically to strengthen the local economy at times of recession by stimulating additional transactions and keeping the economic cycle in motion or to achieve certain social, environmental or political goals.
CCs are not legal tender which implies that they are not accepted at a national level, You can’t trade with it. They function  as quasi -monetary exchange medium for certain purpose within a restricted area. CCs can not replace conventional money and undermine national currency . however,the ide is not bought and model is not a proven method.
Ancient Egypt could serve as the origin of complementary currencies where local people made use of otrakas- pieces of pottery- to give receipts for the amount of harvest farmers would put into storage. Those pieces could have been traded for local services. Similarly, they traded bracteates- pieces of jewelry- for new coins, always come with a deduction. Prevention of coins hoarding and been kept from the financial ecosystem is the reason why the system was designed. This act increases the velocity of regular money.
CCs began to appear in the first half of the 20th century in the Recent history . Wara free economy experiment held in Germany is among the notable example. Hans Timm and Helmut Rodiger, followers of a German Merchant Silvio Gesell introduced the Wara currency. During the experiment, Wara banknotes were printed, made available in denomination of 1/2/, 1,2,5 and 10 Wara to support the economy of a mining town Schwanenkirchen, which had been hit with massive unemployment.The people of Schwanenkirchen were prevented from storing the currency due to it is a demurrage-charged currency that is each bank note has a monthly cost fee of one percent of its nominal value. However, it benefited people that buy coal cause they get discount.
Despite the idea that the local currency was scare Wara allowed local services to proceed thereby leading to new jobs creation and tax payment. However the scheme ended abruptly causing the town to return to its previous decadent state.
The Saber Experiment
In the year 2003, a belgian economist Bernard Lietaer joined effort with Brazilian professor Gillian Schwartz of Sao Paulo University- who has previously worked as an economist at several financial institution - to submit a proposal for a complementary currency called The Saber to the government of Brazil. This currency was aimed to help Brazilian schools provide greater educational opportunities.

Living on a Prayer.
Recently, there has been a drop in the cryptocurrency market from $336bln to $275bln, but after a week it climbed above its position to $324bln. The market trying to balance trading at a less volatile equilibrium.
Bitcoin is presently trading for $8,570, a whopping 1% increase from $8,490 price coming into last week. We are thankful for it is on the green side.
Ethereum: Ethereum is now at $526, a 15% decrease over the last one week, It has not fared so well compared to Bitcoin.
Ripple: Ripple is at the cryptocurrencies first runner up price. It has gone down 8% from $0.70 it was last week.
Domestic News
Jack Dorsey said he believes bitcoin will be the world’s currency in the next ten years. He contributed $2.5 million towards an SF startup focused on advancing the lightning work.
Jeb McCaleb says there will be Universal Payments network by 2028
Currently, McCaleb is setting up a network that will have a public ledger that can be seen by people but can not be tampered with, however to him the blockchain that will dominate the universal payment system is unknown.
IBM Announces Blockchain Starter plan solution for Businesses and focus on distributed ledger technology rather than cryptocurrency. The organization just showcased their new product that allows anyone to build distributed ledgers.
The failure of 2017 ICO’s is 50%.
Among the 902 crowd sales that occured in 2017, 142 did not make it past the funding stage and 276 since failed. Every advise against ICO’s were right. The crypto graveyard has accommodated 46%of all ICO’s projects.
Stellar Looks to Adopt the Lightning Network
Stellar Lumen one of the market top 10, will start integrating Lightning Channel’s protocols onto its network. Stellar said “regarding the development we need something like lighting ”
Congress Issues Bullish Report on the Benefits of Blockchain
In a regular economic report , the United states congress praises the potential of Blockchain technology for legacy industries. Across multiple channels blockchain beneficial ways to store data. Developers, governments and companies recognizes the potential and started using blockchains for many uses.
However, US President (Trump) officially bans citizen from making use of Venezuelan Petro
Regrading the petro’s ICO, US President Trump has signed an executive order that disallow citizens from possessing the Petro.
Venezuela is created it own commodity-backed, started-sponsored cryptocurrency. It is presently holding an initial coin offering for the petro.

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Started by Rita Ojieh - Last post by Rita Ojieh

Due to the insecurities of the market, this year has proven to be really harsh on most cryptocurrencies as they try so hard in making conscious and deliberate efforts in making the use of cryptocurrencies hitch free and without mishaps. But this has proved really futile as cryptocurrency markets keep encountering losses which have amassed to about $600 billion within the space of just a couple of months.  To worsen the case, most social media platforms have sabotaged the advertising and marketing efforts by dropping down all cryptocurrency ads which has done a lot of harm than good. This in a way might waver the trust people have for these cryptocurrencies since the major platforms have refused to promote it. Below are the lists of cryptocurrencies that have performed poorly till date:

 This is an immutable cryptocurrency that was meant to also secure transactions and verify them like every other cryptocurrency. The coin looked really promising until it drastically reduced from $2.83 to $0.11within a space of three months. In the end, the coin ended up being “dumped”.

Bitcoin Gold:
This is a fork of bitcoin which gives out digital asset all around the globe through the creation of coins.  Of a truth, they really encountered tough times as it managed to initially rise till about $500 till it dropped to a $45.

This coin was basically to ensure a cloud storage and can gracefully enhance the hosting of storing encrypted data in the platform Its value reduced till 10% in about two months.

Verge was failed as a result of clumsy developers and unfavorable terms and conditions surrounding it. It will recently be engaging in a partnership worth $3million which might be a ray of hope or a blocked tunnel for their success.


 Ripple looked really promising at the onset as it engaged in countless  partnerships and programs. Its reduction was drastic as it fell down to about 13% within months


This coin did not show early signs of success as it was even perceived to be a scam coin. Its reduction was an 88% reduction which meant that it lost a lot of value.


In the case of this coin, it was not a failure per se, but everything happened really swiftly which came with came with a lot of disasters. This in turn affected the coin’s output  and then the price went down by 87%.
 This was initially funded by CoinCheck. It ended abruptly due to the fact that almost a billion was lost by Coincheck. After a while, the victims of the loss were compensated and then NEM looked pretty hopeful again. But as it stands, it has drastically reduced to about $0.22

In reality,these coins have done pretty poorly, nevertheless, there might be a stronger comeback if they undergo a rigorous process of recovery.

One of the trending sports and means of entertainment is Martial arts and it is fast rising as its activities cut across the globe.
  The karate combat officially unleashed a combat group which is set to endorse and encourage competent fighters that cut across the earth by allowing them exhibit their fighting prowess.
But there something intriguing about this. In between the fighting ring lies a very large logo of bitcoin! This was dedicated to the bitcoin group who played a major role in the Karate Combat’s sponsorship. This should be a form of advertising strategy either to get the attention of willing and prospective bitcoin investors, or to promote the Karate Sports.
The Kombat group has 100 fighters across the globe and will feature in the Olympic Games in 2020 which will be hosted by Tokyo.
With the ever rising cryptocurrency frenzy, bitcoin is trying to stay afloat and remain significant in the market by engaging in a couple of endorsements and promotion of trends all around the world. A very recent example is the “ store” which unveiled the bitcoin swag trend. This is an example of a perfect strategy which will pave way for a larger audience subsequently. In addition, bitcoin is one of the key hosts of the World blockchain conference which will hold at Dubai on the 16th and 17th of April. Mapped out strategies are being proposed so as to create a reform in the world of finances. This conference is out to make people understand the modus operandi of cryptocurrency and its relatives.Another strategy is the creation of the Medium blog which became famous for its interactive way of disseminating information about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Their marketing skills have been back-to-back till so many social media platforms pulled out from cryptocurrency ads. Nevertheless, bitcoin would have to fall back on to the word-of-mouth means of marketing and advertising strategies which will be as a result of testimonies from crypto users and ambassadors.
Cryptocurrency is deeming it fit to showcase so much through the use of partnerships and sponsorships. It is apparent  that it is the currency meant to be significant both now and in the future. In all, bitcoin is just out to out to prove their trustworthiness to the crypto community and prospective crypto users. A lot of obvious efforts in being put to change the world and the future at large.

Apparently it would be a thing of pleasure in the sight of bitcoin ambassadors and investors to see  bitcoin’s huge support and endorsement towards a game which is loved by many.
This will actually increase the love for bitcoin and amass a wider audience and customer participation

 A lot of perceived factors have been linked the the flexible, unreliable, fluctuating and dynamic nature of bitcoin.  Lets not forge that bitcoin is the widely used virtual cryptocurrency which makes it prone to quite a number of unfavorable factors. We will be discussing some of this factors subsequently in this article.

1.The large Fiat Currency Audience.
  the birth of cryptocurrencies was as a result of the failures of fiat currencies. the advent of these digital currencies were out to solve the various problems associated with fiat currency Nevertheless, a large percentage of the world still makes use of fiat currencies for business transactions. This might be due to the sensitive fact that bitcoin has not been widely accepted in the business world and in mos institutions. Therefore most transactions still have to be done using fiat currencies which has invariably given the fiat currencies much wider audience compared to the upcoming cryptocurrencies which has not gained much grounds. Therefore cryptocurrency investors might end up selling a whole lot of bitcoins so as to purchase commodities or engage in normal transactions. This can frustrate the value of bitcoin because it might end up crashing.

2. Interference of the media
 Another significant factor that will influence the bitcoin price is the interference of the media. The media is meant to disseminate information as regards bitcoin activities. Sometimes the media goes the extra mile in giving people high hopes and low hopes as regards the price of bitcoin. For example, the media might carry negative news as regards the price and then it might lead to so many people backing out of bitcoin investment which will in turn lead to a drastic drop in the price. Also, the “hyping” of good news might lead to a serious rush in the bitcoin investment which can make the price of bitcoin skyrocket. This goes  long way in affirming that media has a great influence in the success or failure of bitcoin.

3. Government policies
 Sometimes, government might unleash some unfavorable government policies which might be an impediment to bitcoin cryptocurrency, in the sense that the policies might drastically affect the price of bitcoin. Indirect governmental actions   eg unfavorable terms and conditions, bans, confiscation of funds etc  might have a terrible impact on the rise and fall of bitcoin.

4. Bitcoin’s technological evolution and innovations
Day by day, new and diverse technology that will change the face of the world keeps evolving. There are so many current innovations of bitcoin eg ethereum, blockstream etc and this can have a great influence on the price of bitcoin. These new innovations might enable a wider participation of investors which will definitely lead to an increase in the price of bitcoin.

5. Market Strategy
 Sometimes, the market itself can be very flexible and this can also influence the price of bitcoin. Sometimes, th 51% attack or releasing of hacked codes have a high chance of reducing bitcoin’s value. Also the market might accommodate traders who might intelligently buy so much bitcoins and then return them so that they can make profits and so that the prices might go up
 There are so many other factors that might leave a great impact on bitcoin price. Having a good knowledge about these factors will go a long way in being aware of the causes of fluctuations. Nevertheless, bitcoin has till proven that it is here to stay!

Cryptocurrency users should not underestimate the importance of being alert and vigilant. Not all ICOs are real. Some might just be "on-the-corridor-ICOs" which are deemed fake and are copycats of original ICOs.
It was to this regard that the US securities and exchange Commissions rendered an ICO which was promoted by the famous boxer, Floyd Mayweather as fake!
A press statement was released yesterday, 2nd of April 2018 which accused  the founders of raising over $32 million dollars from investors through a counterfeit initial Coin Offering. The co-founders have been charged and arrested.
New York times has it that "Floyd Mayweather helped two guys get rich" on the 27th October 2017. The unveiling of a debit card which was said to enhance the operation of digital currencies in every part of the world carried a visa logo which was unauthorized by the Visa network. By the time Visa got to know about this illegitimate dealings, Centra cards intelligently removed all Visa related operations from their website.

Robert Farkas and Sorhah Sam Sharma were the co-founders of Centra Technology Inc. who through the use of CTR token made unauthorized sales of unrecorded and unpublicized transactions with the claims that the income realized in the ICO was to help generate a vast array of financial commodities, and then illegally backed it up by Visa and mastercard which will enable investors to conveniently convert cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies(dollars, euro or any widely acceptable legal tender). Along the line, it was later affirmed by the US Securities and Exchange Commissions that their relationship with Visa and Mastercard was an apparent manipulation. It was further revealed that the biographies of the co-founders, their experiences and other written accounts of their lives and activities were fictitious.

Asides Centra coin, Mayweather has also approved a couple of other upcoming coins which earned him the title "cryptomayweather". According to Mr Popper, a verifiable source, Mr Sharma,  the co-founder of Centra had been required to face law countless times as a result of illegal or unfavorable business operations and then accumulated debts.
Another verifiable source made it known that traders were cajoled using different marketing strategies to create false assurance that their investment will give rise to new digital operations. The law has apparently caught up with the co-founders as they have been charged with fraudulent activities and breaking numerous security laws.
Mayweather publicly endorsed Centra token as at September 2017 on his 1.3million follower facebook account and then used himself as a testimony saying "I got mine and as usual i'm going to win big on this one".  Speculations have it that he was paid heavily for the endorsement. Such a perfect strategy!
 The question is "should there then be a problem with celebrity-endorsed ICOs generally?"
Basically, before you invest in a celebrity endorsed ICO, just remember that not all that glitters is actually gold!

 It would have been a source of worry to upcoming crypto founders and ambassadors who need the media in terms of marketing, advertising and disseminating veritable information as regards crypto-related activities. Earlier in January, facebook banned all ads that was associated with ICOs and cryptocurrencies because it was used as a means of exploitation and scam. Unfortunately,  lot of investors have been victims of these dangerous scams and misleading trends of misleading scam coins. As a result of the quick ban by facebook, other social media sites did the same due to security and safety reasons. As we speak, countless online platforms have put down all forms of cryptocurrency related adverts on their sites.In addition, google has made it known that the ban of cryptocurrency ads will take effect from June. This trend was also blindly followed by Twitter and Reddit. Nevertheless, there is so much ray of hope for cryptocurrency as its investors and ambassadors have never ceased to believe in the existence and capability of cryptocurrency and what it holds for us in the future. According to frequent questionings, the banning of these ads might even be a good thing.Of a truth, the companies who are doing a great deal in shutting out crypto ads are the users of this technology eg Google, IBM have made huge investments in cryptocurrency. This ultimately begs the question of “what exactly is the cause of the double standards?” The sad truth is that there are scams in every given industry!The ad bans might be an impediment because a lot of people embraced them as a reliable source of information. Invariably, investors and ambassadors will have to subscribe to word-of-mouth testimonies which has been proven to be one of the best methods of advertising overtime. This method will serve as a test to the genuine cryptocurrency users, and then ward off the “drifting woods” in cryptocurrency. Another advantageous factor is that the ad bans will eliminate the trend of the scam coins existence and other unregistered ICOs. Scam coins usually have a shiny outlook and sometimes go to the extent of being celebrity-endorsed making their selfish intentions really hard to figure out.scams have been a very serious problem in the industry overtime and then they make use of the social media in promoting it. This eventually causes a problem for genuine coins, as investors will have broader misconceptions about all kinds of cryptocurrency at large. Also being a victim of scam coins can leave an indelible mark on the investors for a lifetime.The existence of cryptocurrency does not hinge on the advert ban. Cryptocurrency has so much in store for the future and a ban on the advert might just be a little or no impediment to the success of cryptocurrency in the world.

 Bitcoin is currently the currency of the moment as it is set to achieve the “inachievables” of fiat currency. This investment in cryptocurrency seems to be contagious as people just invest conventionally without settling to know the basics eg: how to invest and why you must invest. Here are four high-point reasons why you should invest in bitcoin today.

Bitcoin is permanent.
It is no news that bitcoin is really everlasting and has come to stay. For the fact that it is in a decentralised with a high level of flexibility makes the public find it more interesting, cost-effective and adaptable. Although a lot of patience is needed with profits because the more you patiently invest, the more your chances of becoming  millionaire gets close by.
The level of ots permanency hinges on the wider audience it has and fortunately, bitcoin has amassed a seemingly wider audience in the cryptocurrency world. Also its operations have been proven to be accurate and trustworthy through the use of its blockchain technology platform. This platform records and validates bitcoin transactions all over the world

The rapid growth of bitcoin technologies
.  Bitcoin technology has been and will be subsequently undergoing series of evolutions so as to offer the best services to its target audience, and then solve all the fiat currency problems.
There are so many coins which are built on the bitcoin technology which includes ethereum, ripple etc which are still undergoing the development process. The good news is that a lot of investors are overly interested in these subsequent innovations so as to enhance easier and diverse means of bitcoin investment.

It is the “people’s currency!”
Just like the advent of internet, bitcoin has deemed it fit to change the face of the world for good. Its highly decentralised nature has made it closer to the people as bitcoin is gaining more trust in the minds of people. This is because it is set to create a reform in the government's rigid and  unfavorable policies. It eliminates the ambiguous concepts of third party.  So the next question that comes to our minds is the issue of security.
With bitcoin technology, records of transactions are on the blockchain which is secure and safe because there is no chance of manipulation due to the elimination of the third party.
It is called the currency of the people because its flexibility gives a leveled ground to the public, which makes everybody comfortable with the bitcoin system. It is immutable, safe, reliable and available to all and sundry.

It is actually affordable
Bitcoin is so volatile. its value could actually rise or fall overnight. Either ways, you have nothing to lose. In fact most people invest in bitcoin when it is at its “low” so that a quick rise will fetch them fortunes. In the same vein, you have nothing to lose when investing at its “high”.
 Nevertheless, you can also decide to stick to the golden rule of” not having to trade with what you cannot afford to lose”. Do not be surprised that you could hit millions when the price is at its peak.
In finality, the advent of cryptocurrencies is looking forward to keeping their promises of eliminating  ambiguous concepts and realising the digital transaction goals.

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  There is nothing that speaks for a brand more than its logo. The newest form of bitcoin marketing has been unleashed and it is exactly what cryptocurrency ambassadors have been waiting for. Now let’s talk about store.
 The bitcoin store was launched earlier this week, ushering in new shirts, hoodies, sweaters, hats and "special" BCH Gang Collections which is being sold locally and internationally for really affordable prices.

According to the marketing team, the brand is out to generate quality, durable and flawless products which are made for crypto-ambassadors, and were also made by crypto-ambassadors! So if you are highly enthusiastic about bitcoin technology and cryptocurrency, then store is your promised land!
Here's the good news!
There is more to stores. It supersedes just the purchase of cryptocurrency-related products but also include vast wealth of services like wallets,charts,bitcoin updates and news, educational information, blockchain tools, and a host of other high standard services.
Do you need bitcoin affiliated products? Hurray! It’s just a click away. It can be readily purchased with bitcoin cash and then you are awarded a 15% discount of your initial order.
Okay! So what exactly does store have to offer?
It should no longer be news that the launching of  the store is to promote and facilitate the use or purchase of bitcoin,and also to create a quality awareness of bitcoin in a less formal, less tedious and in a more entertaining fashion. For example, i purchase a shirt with bitcoin's inscription and logo, it might spark up interesting conversations between friends and acquaintances, which might arouse their interests. Invariably, this is a splendid form of advertising and marketing because awareness has been created and then a marketing platform has been achieved. store is set to offer an enhanced and decentralized means of marketing internationally by making their products accessible both locally and internationally. They also try to enhance decentralized currency by paying their workers in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Change is truly dynamic, as it is highly apparent in the evolution of bitcoin.Day by day, there has been a constant overhaul in the bitcoin related activities. A very good example is the store which has come to stay. It promises to continuously evolve by trying to accommodate new trends, accessories, clothing etc. also, ongoing collaboration with people has been sealed so as to build a bigger website. The building of a bigger website goes a long way in giving adequate accommodation to future store users. It also prevents the website from crashing. A crashed website might create a bad impression on its target audience.
You would agree with me that this bitcoin strategy is one of its kind, and it’s something we should give a try! What do you think?

      I would have to concede to that legendary quote which says that the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands. This was really conspicuous in Nelson Mandela's fulfilling life.  As a memorial of the true hero's ardent role in humanity and emancipation of the blacks, a golden hand of Mandela which was made of 20 pounds of refined and pure gold surfaced which was cast in 2002 by Harmony Gold Mining. It was to this regard that an Canadian based South African business mogul Duncan Malcolm sold the Golden hands collection (4 pieces in all) to Arbitrade, a Canadian Cryptocurrency Company for bitcoins which are worth a total of $10 million. This step has given the company a huge hoist as she now has nurtured plans in building an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), a gold-fostered token and a host of other cryptocurrency relatives.
The golden hand will be touring round the world in the bid to keep upcoming and naive off-springs acquainted about the legendary and heroic deeds of Nelson Mandela.
    The gold's worth in comparison to a man who possessed such unfathomable qualities is just a tiny fragment. But here is the good news: the beauty of such art appears in the appreciation of its symbolism. Its symbolism is what the golden hand stands for: humanity and freedom which is really priceless compared to the gold casting.
This collection will be released each in bitcoin with a worth of $2.5million and according to reports, it will be done in the month of April.
   Speaking from the perspective of South Africans, they find this situation as one which will arouse heated controversies among people. They are on the edge because Nelson Mandela's image and name is highly involved, which had been repeatedly used without proper acknowledgement and had previously led to the destruction of all artworks that were related to his name. Although, this current trend looks like a promising market strategy for bitcoin and has been getting so much attention currently. A very good example was the sale of Select a Victim, an auctioned piece of art by Mark Flood. It was sold in bitcoin which was worth $100,000 .
    This public appearance of the golden hand collection is actually the first time such an appearance is being made since they got the approval and validation from the Harmony Gold Mining. In this vein, the collection is a significance of the commemoration of a man who had fought for freedom, and an ever supporting country as an enthusiastic promoter of gold and mining.
In the chairman of Arbitrade's words: "our timing in buying the collection is significant because we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela's birth in this unique way for the first time in North America"
   What a perfect bitcoin marketing strategy!

Cryptocurrency market in the $300 billion dollars regions has been volatile in the month of March. The market has been struggling to maintain this incentive in the month of March and it is widely speculated that it will continue to remain volatile due to its low daily trading unless there is a sudden boost in the market.

The performance of the cryptocurrency market has consistently been on the same level with no significant rise and fall in the range of $280 billion to $350 billion. Major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin cash,  Cardano, and Ethereum has followed the same pattern in its rise and fall. But on some days cryptocurrencies like 0x and Ontology has outperformed major cryptocurrencies but in the past week, there has been a similar up and down movement in the market.

Following the ban on cryptocurrency ads by twitter, yesterday, 27th March 2018, with the aim of cracking down fraud in initial coin offering (ico), the price of bitcoin was affected this morning, bitcoin’s price was $8,316.45  and an hour later it had crashed to $8,049.63 and it is already down 4.44% from the price it sold at 24 hours ago. Cryptocurrency markets were also affected falling 6% from their market cap in just 24 hours, and its now valued at $309.6 billion.

In the past months, the cryptocurrency market has continued to fluctuate. And the end of this fluctuation is not in near sight following the ban of cryptocurrency ads on Twitter and other social media platforms such as Facebook and Alphabet inc. Many investors have asked if the ban matters, as they fear it might affect their investments. Although the ban shook the market, the impact might not be too harsh on the cryptocurrency market, if site referral statistics are actually true. As market intelligence site and research have already analyzed the referral data from Facebook and Google and it was found that paid search contributed a less than 1% overall traffic to exchanges in cryptocurrency.

In conclusion, the ban of Cryptocurrency ad by Twitter has contributed to the volatile state of the cryptocurrency but the debate and fear that the social media bans will continue to impact negatively on cryptocurrency demand have been tackled since research already analyzed the paid search to have contributed only less than 1% of the traffic. Despite, the agitation in the cryptocurrency market caused by the ban, it is safe to conclude that Twitter has just joined Google and Facebook to protect retail investors from scams and frauds thereby increasing the adoption in the long-run.

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What is cryptocurrencies?

The new age unicorn, the future money, a global phenomenon a lot of human know. However, its benefits are known to banking system, organization and political parasteta.
Two years ago, it is difficult to find a major financial institutions, large firm, a prominent software company or rulers that did not carry out some study on cryptocurrencies, perhaps did a paper about it or started a project on blockchain.
What is cryptocurrency and how cryptocurrencies emerged as a side product of digital cash
Cryptocurrencies originated as another creation product. Satoshi Nakamoto did not aimed at developing a cryptocurrency but ended up designing the first blockchain and it’s bitcoin (first and most useful cryptocurrency) thereby been the first to solve the double-spending problem for digital currency. The attempt to create digital money has been failed by many people but Satoshi Nakamoto was able to invent something they failed to create before digital cash.
Fortunately, Satoshi built a decentralized cash system which was a success compared to other attempts in the nineties aimed at building a digital money this however is the only important part of his invention.
Satoshi digital cash system is without central entity. It is a peer-to-peer network for file sharing. This invention is aimed to stop an entity from spending the same amount twice, this is the most vital solution provided by every payment network.
Here in a decentralized network, there is a distribution of transaction list to every peer in order to confirm validity of future transaction and avoid double spending.
Satoshi proved that a central authority is not needed  in a consensus to declare the correct state of balances, this feature made his innovation roll over the world.
What are cryptocurrencies really?
Cryptocurrencies are database entries that can not be tampered with except  the person has fulfilled specific conditions.Money is a verified entry in a database of accounts, balances and transactions which can only be taken if you satisfy the condition of ownership.
How miners create coins and confirm transactions?
Here, cryptocurrencies is like a network of peers where every peer has a transaction file and statement of account balance.
A transaction file is a public key cryptography that shows the transfer of money from one person to another and it is signed by the owner and giver of the cash.
This is a basic peer-to-peer technology.
Everyone on the network can see the transaction.A blockchain is an immutable record of historical transactions.
Transaction can be confirmed by Miners.They tag transactions as legit and spread it over the network. A confirmed and legit transaction is added to the blockchain.
Miners get reward of a token of the cryptocurrency eg bitcoins.
What are Miners Doing?
A hash is a product of cryptographic function, it perform the task of connecting the new block with its predecessor.This process is Proof-of-work.
Bitcoin can be created if a miner solve a cryptographic puzzle.This consist of a short piece of encrypted text.
 The availability of bitcoin to the public through peer-to-peer network has enlarged the crypto market immensely, such that it has attracted numerous companies who have willfully accepted the use of cryptocurrencies in terms of trading and investment. At the onset, the flexibility of bitcoin posed a major challenge and it was speculated that its uncertainty might be an impediment to the success of cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, it showed no feasible signs of crashing. Unfortunately, there are so many misconceptions and stereotypic notions about bitcoin and blockchain. Some misconceptions will be discussed further as it is imperative to have absolute idea about the concepts especially for investors and traders.

Poor dissemination of information regarding Bitcoin related activities
 Most times , it is assumed that information are not made public or are not properly disseminated to its target audience. this is because people just adapt the cryptocurrency system conventionally (either because a lot of their friends are engaged in it or for the sake of competition) and as a result, they do not go through the initial process of making adequate research. The really interesting thing about blockchain is that its activities are public and it can be located or traced from any part of the world. Its activities and dealings are very transparent.

Bitcoin is the same as Blockchain
 This is the most common misconception. Bitcoin is widely known compared to blockchain because Bitcoin is the outcome of the technology which it is built upon, which happens to be Blockchain. It is what is responsible for the recording of transactions on a public ledger with the use of peer-to-peer network - it is simply between two people and does not involve a third party.

The only system which is being run on Blockchain is Cryptocurrency
   Of a truth, both systems can work in isolation, but they are also very compatible. They work hand in hand. Blockchain is not just meant for cryptocurrencies, as it was built systematically in such a way that other platforms can be built upon it.

The Anonymity of Cryptocurrency Transactions
  It is widely believed by most people that transactions involving cryptocurrency are entirely nameless and as a result might be highly susceptible to fraudulent and mischievous practices.  Bitcoin(blockchain) is a PUBLIC platform which is meant for recording transactions from an address to another. This process is then meticulously verified by a set of people who constitute a larger percent of cryptocurrency users. Therefore in contrary to popular notions, cryptocurrency transactions cannot be categorically considered as entirely "anonymous".

Blockchain's influence on business transactions.
In all honesty, the blockchain will have some extent of influence on business transactions in the sense that its innovations will generate an overhaul in the modus operandi and management of transactions in business.
As we speak,record keeping and management in business transactions is difficult and time consuming because it has to follow a systematic process and then the confirmation takes a longer time. The blockchain simply provides a safe haven for transactions so that they are not altered or changed.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are exclusive to only those in the "finance world'
   It is often thought cryptocurrency and blockchain are meant for people who are in the forefront in terms of finance e.g bankers, foreign exchange professionals etc. This is as a result of the fear that comes with being uncertain about a particular thing(which apparently involves money) on the part of the average people. This fear of the unknown makes them oblivious to sensitive knowledge about  cryptocurrency and blockchain, and then they decide not to engage in it.

A lot has obviously been said about cryptocurrency and blockchain. But have we ever questioned the actual significance of a currency? Its main purpose is actually to measure and express the value embedded in it. And the advent of cryptocurrency is to help realize that actual purpose.
How Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are used to commit crimes

Half of Bitcoin transactions are associated with illegal activities.

The world's largest cryptocurrency (bitcoin) is becoming a victim of its own strength
The technology behind crypto-assets(blockchain) is used widely for illegal activities and money laundering.
Take a look at blockchain and how it facilitates crime.
First, Bitcoin is a complete virtual money. It can be used to buy product and services but not all shops accept it and some countries have banned its usage.
Blockchain is a public list that involves every single transaction involving bitcoin. It is a shared record of information that is maintained and updated by a community of computer in a network.
By design, a blockchain is inherently resistant to modification of the data.
Blockchain digitizes all contracts, financial transactions, bills of lading, property titles, and tax filings in an open, distributed ledger, meaning everything saved on blockchain lives forever.

How Blockchain Works
Blockchain is a growing list of records called blocks which are linked and secured using cryptography.

Is it Secure?
Because every of the transactions are made public, It is difficult to spend the one you dont one and to spend fake ones.
But the exchanges set up to trade them often lack basic controls over identity, fraud, technology and even volume, a source investigation showed.
Virtual heists are common, too, according to the Reuters special report. Some 980,000 bitcoins have been stolen in at least 36 incidents since 2011.
Can it be used for crime?
Cryptocurrency is enforced by government agency as the criminal playground.
Activity that are not legal are associated with almost half of all bitcoin transactions. Illegal pornography, trading of drugs,hacks, money laundering and crimes are linked with a quarter of bitcoin users.
Cryptocurrencies have one feature called anonymity. This feature allows cryptocurrency holders to keep their identity discrete and thereby making it easier for illegal transactions to go unnoticed.
"Right now cryptocurrencies are used for buying fentanyl and other drugs so it is a rare technology that has caused deaths in a fairly direct way," Gates said in February.Fentanyl, also known as fentanil, is an opioid which is used as a pain medication and together with other medications for anesthesia. It is a depressant drug, which means it slows down the messages travelling between the brain and body.
Why aren't countries banning Bitcoins?
Laws varies in countries but there are few calls for shutting down bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Japan is the disrupter, which has passed a law accepting bitcoin as legal tender.
With new blockchain initiatives launching pretty much daily, the path ahead is anything but certain.

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 on: March 23, 2018, 10:23:17 AM 
Started by Arowosebi Bukola - Last post by Arowosebi Bukola
Roberto Escobar, an ex-convict, who happens to the brother of the deceased Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar has created his own digital currency. Robert who was in the prison for about 11 years of his life created the Dietbitcoin (DXX) claiming that its value supersedes that of bitcoin and other digital currencies. Roberto who was charged with involvement in the famous Medellin Cartel launched the currency through  Escobar Inc, which is a private investment company.

Apparently, the digital currency will make use of the SHA-256 POW mining algorithm. The tokens will be sold to investors during the Initial Coin Offering offering pre-ICo investors and partners a 99.8 percent discount off the main sale.

Escobar, in an interview with news outlet The Blast, told potential and new investors of his tokens that the value of the cryptocurrency in a few months time will be edging towards a high. He also encouraged clients to buy as many dietbitcoin as possible to gain from the benefits when the value goes up. He also stated that the website representing the cryptocurrency looks similar to that of because the source code was copied from the latter. The only difference was the feature showing the link telling users to BUY.

When Roberto Escobar Met Satoshi Nakamoto
In a 280-page eBook, Escobar wrote his autobiography describing his vision behind Dietbitcoin. The eBook was called Pablo Escobar's Dietbitcoin: the True story of Roberto Escobar. In the book, he talked about his brother, Pablo, attributing his successes to him.

Notable among all he mentioned in the book was the fact that he met the anonymous Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. He claims that Satoshi is making plans on joining the Escobar family in the creation of a new cryptocurrency. The supposed passport of Satoshi was attached to the book as an evidence that he did really meet with Nakamoto.

But, Escobar later revealed that Satoshi was an agent of the US government. He also stated that bitcoin was a plot by the CIA.

He writes:

“I am the first person in the world…to publicly come out and claim that Bitcoin was created by the American Government, and I am not going to be the last person to say this. The world is going to wake up. The world is going to see that this was created by them. And when they see it, it is too late, and when the CIA founds out that the world knows about this, the CIA is going to sell all of their coins, and they will destroy the value of Bitcoin.”

“I can tell you with one-hundred percent certainty, one-thousand percent certainty, one-hundred-million percent certainty that the American Government is going to ruin it all because they are behind the Bitcoin,” Escobar says, adding that this is why he chose to create Dietbitcoin.

Indeed, Dietbitcoin — though sharing virtually all of Bitcoin’s technical specifications — is the first cryptocurrency that is not a scam.

“Because my coin is not a scam. You are free to buy the coin or not buy the coin. I don’t care. You can stick with your worthless coins. Keep the Ethereum, Keep the TRON, keep the Ripple, keep the Bitcoin. You will see what happens. They will all go to zero, almost zero,” he concludes. “But not my coin. Because my coin, this is going to be my new work in life.”
Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur Uses Excess Heat From Mining To Grow Tomatoes
For all the excitement that digital currencies have brought to the world, there is one problem that is being repeatedly mentioned, one that has caused a lot of concerns over the years, and it is about loads of power consumed by mining cryptocurrencies.

Non-supporters of digital currencies echo reports from Morgan Stanley that approximate the entire energy utilized by bitcoin, competes with the total energy spent by established countries like Argentina. Supporters, however, hold the notion that bitcoin still has the capacity to be more energy efficient than the traditional banking division.

Cryptocurrency Miners Direct Excess Heat To Perform Other Goals
Nevertheless, lately, miners have been using an ecologically helpful technique, and many of these cryptocurrency miners are directing the excess heat to perform other purposes. One of such miners is Prague-based Kamil Brejcha, the co-founder of the trading platform, Nakamoto X, who grows greenhouse vegetables from the extra heat given off by his cryptocurrency mining machine. On March 10, he shared on Twitter that he has succeeded in growing bunches of tomatoes he calls, "cryptomatoes."

On Twitter, Brejcha tweeted to his followers,

"Who would imagine that mining cryptocurrencies and agriculture can work together?  The first batch of cryptomatoes is ready to be harvested. We are using the excess heat for the tomato greenhouse and it is working" (See tweet here:

Cryptomatoes Will Soon Be Ready For Purchase
He described his "cryptomatoes" and explained that the idea came to fruition after he improved a method which he called "Container". The container is placed in the basement and helps blow extra heat into the greenhouse. Brejcha said in a tweet that his cryptomatoes would soon be ready for purchase at local stores. When one of his followers said he could use the extra mine to grow medical marijuana, he replied that he couldn't because of local strict rules. "Unfortunately, because of local strict rules, we were unable to obtain a license for medical marihuana growing so we had to choose tomatoes and other vegetables instead."

With all of the complaints about mining wasting energy, a lot of entrepreneurs are defying the view that mining cryptocurrency assets is negative. Undertakings like this may possibly help solve another cryptocurrency problem. With the decline in the price of many cryptocurrencies, miners are seeking ways to counterbalance the growing cost and often diminishing returns. Lower cryptocurrency values can make the high energy bills and other overhead of mining unsustainable. Revenue-generating businesses utilizing the byproducts of mining could be part of the answer.

In the year 2013, Edward Snowden unveiled several surveillance programs created by the United States. Tagged as a whistleblower, Edward fled the country seeking respite in Moscow where he has been staying since 2013.
Parts of the documents retrieved by Edward revealed that the United States National Security Agency has been tracking the activities of cryptocurrency users since the year 2013. Although other cryptocurrencies were monitored by the NSA, bitcoin and LibertyReserve seemed to be the sole target of the operation.

Users of bitcoin were not only tracked based on their activities on the blockchain, information based on their activities on the internet, use of passwords and computer unique identifier of each user were gathered.

LibertyReserve and Crime
The second cryptocurrency tracked by the NSA, LibertyReserve was a digital asset created for the purpose of carrying out illegal activities. This intent made it a point of target for the NSA. Founded by Arthur Budovsky, the Costa Rica-based cryptocurrency was used to fund money laundering operations. LibertyReserve was shut down after Arthur was arrested based on money laundering charges levelled against him by the NSA. Apparently, he was involved in a $6 billion money laundering operation leading to a 20-year conviction. Five months after the cryptocurrency was shut down, the creator of Silk Road, the biggest marketplace for criminals resident of the dark web, Ross Ulbricht was arrested by the authorities due to his acceptance of bitcoin in fraudulent transactions. 

The files retrieved by Edward does not give information as regards whether the NSA was involved in the investigation leading Ulbricht's arrest. Ulbricht has earlier claimed that all evidence garnered against him by the NSA was done in the violation of the Fourth Amendment and should be impermissible in court. However, his theory was dismissed in court.

The tracking of the use of bitcoin by users was done with the aid of a secret internet surveillance program secretly named OAKSTAR. The program uses fibre optic connections which form an internet undergird. With OAKSTAR, the authorities were able to covertly monitor communications of targeted users. Another tool used in the tracking of bitcoin users' transaction was MONKEYROCKET. MONKEYROCKET was a VPN-like service which was used in identifying the users of the blockchain, Bitcoin. With the aid of MONKEYROCKET, data from other parts of the world such as Europe, Asia, Middle East and South America were retrieved. The data collection tool was mainly used to reveal the identities of users who might be engaged in terrorism.

Using these programs, NSA was able to gather a significant amount of data which included users passwords, browser's history and even the MAC address of their devices. The information garnered from the data lead to the identity of targeted bitcoin wallets.

Bitcoin to go down in price?
It was expected that the news of users data probably been probed by the NSA would cause a stir in the market and probably cause a massive decline. However, instead of the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to go down, the price of bitcoin jumped to  $9, 138 on the 21st of March at 6 am, according to the data from CoinMarketCap.
Another ICO has been forced to shut down by the authorities on the 19th of March 2018. The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong ordered the shut down of the Initial Coin Offering of Black Cell Technology based on the fact the company has no authorized permission to launch a coin.

KropsCoin was created by Black Cell Technology with the intent of connecting individuals to facilitate the sales of farm products such as crops or livestock. KropCoins was also supposed to support a mobile app which will be the platform on which the marketplace will be based on. Unfortunately, the ICO was declared redundant with the issuer ordered to return investments (in form of cryptocurrency) back to the owners.

Investors had paid in major cryptocurrencies in order to obtain the tokens. Token holders of KropCoins were promised equity shares of the company in return after the funds gotten from investors had been used in the development of the Krops app. When SFC was notified of the token, they ruled out the possibility of letting the token get into more hands by declaring it "unregulated and unlicensed". SFC also described the ICO as a method being used by the company to get hold of investors holdings.

The Krops app was being developed by Black Cell Technology with the intent of simplifying the market for both farmers and customers of farm products. Although it is not yet known how the company intends to achieve its aim, due to the recent clampdown of Hong-Kongs' authorities on ICOs.

After Black Cell Technology was ordered to cease all operations, the company agreed to stop all transactions and also return funds to investors. The company made this announcement on their website on Monday.  The company also announced that the token sale was not open to American citizens. With promises to refund funds gathered back to investors, investors were told to contact the company for their funds to be returned back to them by the end of the month. The sole reason for the clampdown was that SFC said the arrangement made by the issuer of the tokens and investors may constitute a Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) which may trigger licensing requirements.

Hong-Kong's regulator also reminded investors of the need to be careful while investing in an ICO as there are several fraudulent schemes eager to make investors part with their holdings.

Another ICO has been forced to shut down by the authorities on the 19th of March 2018. The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong ordered the shut down of the Initial Coin Offering of Black Cell Technology based on the fact the company has no authorized permission to launch a coin.

KropsCoin was created by Black Cell Technology with the intent of connecting individuals to facilitate the sales of farm products such as crops or livestock. KropCoins was also supposed to support a mobile app which will be the platform on which the marketplace will be based on. Unfortunately, the ICO was declared redundant with the issuer ordered to return investments (in form of cryptocurrency) back to the owners.

Investors had paid in major cryptocurrencies in order to obtain the tokens. Token holders of KropCoins were promised equity shares of the company in return after the funds gotten from investors had been used in the development of the Krops app. When SFC was notified of the token, they ruled out the possibility of letting the token get into more hands by declaring it "unregulated and unlicensed". SFC also described the ICO as a method being used by the company to get hold of investors holdings.

The Krops app was being developed by Black Cell Technology with the intent of simplifying the market for both farmers and customers of farm products. Although it is not yet known how the company intends to achieve its aim, due to the recent clampdown of Hong-Kongs' authorities on ICOs.

After Black Cell Technology was ordered to cease all operations, the company agreed to stop all transactions and also return funds to investors. The company made this announcement on their website on Monday.  The company also announced that the token sale was not open to American citizens. With promises to refund funds gathered back to investors, investors were told to contact the company for their funds to be returned back to them by the end of the month. The sole reason for the clampdown was that SFC said the arrangement made by the issuer of the tokens and investors may constitute a Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) which may trigger licensing requirements.

Hong-Kong's regulator also reminded investors of the need to be careful while investing in an ICO as there are several fraudulent schemes eager to make investors part with their holdings.

The whitepaper of the token revealed that the number of tokens offered to investors was estimated at 16,000,000 KropCoins. The company had also unveiled of its plans to generate over $16 million through the sale of the tokens. The company had the intentions of being the biggest marketplace for food in the world without owning a farm.

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 on: March 22, 2018, 11:10:58 AM 
Started by Ifunanya Okolie - Last post by Ifunanya Okolie
The Only People Who Are Scared Of The Crypto Ad Ban Are The Con Artists
Within the past two months, two major online advertising platforms, Facebook and Google have pronounced a ban on ads related to cryptocurrency. Now there are rumours that Twitter will follow their lead.

While there's been a lot of reactions as to the news on Facebook and Google ban, many people are not affected by the ban. Few people will grieve over the outpouring of ads relating to devious initial coin offerings (ICOs) that guarantees huge profits. However, the cryptocurrency space is a thriving novel technology. and bans like this is certain to upset some legal cryptocurrency businesses.

Blockchain might just be the next big thing after the internet. Many companies are beginning to utilize blockchain technology that it would take a struggle to discover an industry that a blockchain-based startup isn't threatening to disrupt - Of course not all of these businesses are scams, so why do they have to take part in the ban?

Trevor Gerszt, Chief Executive Officer of Cryptocurrency IRA company CoinIRA is not scared of the bans even though he does not welcome them also. In an email to Mashable, he expressed his displeasure as to how companies like his have to suffer the same cause alongside dark ICO plots. However, the ad bans won’t affect larger, more established, and more reputable cryptocurrency businesses as much as they will affect smaller businesses who are looking to use advertising to gain greater name recognition."

The trick is that startups that are looking to get funded might not find it easy to get funded via an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) due to the ad ban and for businesses that are strictly cryptocurrency related, for example, cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, the ad bans are a nightmare for them. However, startups that are built on the blockchain will be able to promote their services on Google and Facebook on the condition that they do not mention the cryptocurrency features of it, for example, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), tokens, wallets and the likes.

According to Mashable, Google's new policy is relevant to the advertisement of digital currencies and content related to cryptocurrencies which include but not limited to ICOs, exchanges, wallets, and cryptocurrency trading advice. The policy, however "will not apply to other blockchain technologies that are unrelated to cryptocurrencies and ICOs"

It is obvious that the only people who are affected by the latest development on cryptocurrency ads are the scammers and con artists. Mashable reports that Nicolas Van Hoorder is not affected, either. While these social platforms want a better ad experience for their users, they better give it to them.

UK Government Introduces Crypto Task Force To Scrutinize Cryptocurrencies

According to a report from the Department of the Treasury, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Phillip Hammond, is expected to make known the fact that the government is launching a new cryptocurrency assets task force this Thursday. The cryptocurrency assets task force will include Britain's central bank, the Bank of England, and the Finance Conduct Authority watchdog.

The crypto assets task force is part of the government's larger financial technology sector strategy which is believed would help the United Kingdom manage the uncertainties surrounding cryptocurrency assets in addition to exploiting the possible benefits of the original technology. In other words, the crypto assets task force would be scrutinizing cryptocurrencies.

In a statement, Phillip Hammond said, "I am committed to helping the sector grow and flourish, and our ambitious sector strategy sets out how we will ensure the U.K. remains at the cutting edge of the digital revolution. As part of that, a new task force will help the U.K. to manage the risks around crypto assets, as well as harnessing the potential benefits of the underlying technology."

The strategy comes at a time when there's an increase in scrutinizing digital currencies and calls to restrict cryptocurrencies. It's also coming at the beginning of the U.K government's second International Financial Technology Conference which is directed at improving Britain to become the best place for such businesses. G20 set a July time limit for recognized digital currencies regulation. The Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States has also been restricting cryptocurrency companies in the states.

Digital currencies such as bitcoin and ethereum which takes no physical shape, and as such, only present as strings of computer code, have been known to have surged in value in the past 12 months throughout their journey towards gaining global acceptance. However, in spite of its recent falls, the price of bitcoin remains nine times higher than what it was last year while the price of ethereum is ten times what it was last year.
Complete investment in financial technology businesses within the past nine months struck a record  £2.1 billion and even this figure is probably conservative as it will not include the spending taking place within established financial institutions.

Mark Carney, Bank of England governor had already called for a regulation of the cryptocurrency space in a discussion earlier this month and he advised that crypto assets have the signs of a bubble. Notwithstanding, Carney also admitted that the blockchain tech underpinning digital currencies could be transformational to mainstream finance.
Furthermore, Andrew Bailey, the Financial Conduct Authority Chief Executive has, in the past, cautioned investors to be ready to lose all of their money.

There has been a surge in the price of bitcoin after regulators had a creative conversation on digital currencies at a G-20 meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Tuesday.

In a press conference, the governor of Central Bank of Argentina, Federico Sturzenegger said, "The spirit of the discussion was very productive, and I agree that everybody left very pleased. It was a very good meeting."

According to CoinDesk's price index, Bitcoin rose above $9,000 for the first time in a week. It was trading about 4.8 percent higher around $9,008 as at 4:13 pm ET, up 22.8 percent from a low of $7,335.57 hit over the weekend.

Reuters reported that Italy's central bank leader, Ignazio Visco, moved one step ahead after the conference and spoke with reporters, telling them that digital currencies are risky but then should not be totally banned.

According to the governor of the Bank of Italy, "My understanding is that there was an acceptance of continuing to work also on the stability side with the idea that this doesn't imply barring it."

The conversations within the room dedicated much time to talking about cryptocurrency assets and the group involved settled that regulation needs to keep up with the technology's fast pace. said Argentina's Sturzenegger. He said that task forces are making efforts to submit proposals by July. Sturzenegger also described an anonymous poll that was taken in the room at the beginning of the meeting of finance ministers, asking whether or not cryptocurrency assets should be included in multilateral discussions.

The findings displayed "very strong the support they have to be added in multilateral issues," Sturzenegger said, and this is particularly because of their potential as a means for the funding of "terrorism for money laundering".

The question about money laundering has also come to the notice of other global regulators. The United States Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin addressed the Senate Banking Committee in January that the department is paying particular attention to digital currencies potential use by criminals.

According to Mnuchin, "I want to make sure that these are not used by bad guys, that they don't turn into Swiss numbered bank accounts." He added that the Treasury department wants to be sure that consumers are aware of the risks involving digital currencies.

The prices of bitcoin started recovering after the statement made by the Financial Stability Board on Sunday. In a letter written to G-20 members, the global watchdog said that cryptocurrency assets do not present any risk to global financial stability.

According to Reuters, representatives from Japan said they would inspire G-20 counterparts to encourage the anti-money laundering efforts for digital currencies.

Earlier this month, the Winklevoss twins submitted a proposal to start up a self-regulating body which they called Virtual Commodity Association. The nonprofit is meant to police digital currency markets, prevent fraud and develop industry standards, according to the press release.
80 individuals were allegedly nabbed by the police for secretly importing and exporting drugs, selling them online and receiving payments in bitcoin.

Seoul investigators on Wednesday revealed that they were investigating the individuals based on reports reaching them that the individuals were involved in a large-scale smuggling ring. The suspects were said to purchase and sell drugs from other countries using bitcoin as a form of payment through a website called "Deep Web."

In violation of the Act on the Control of Narcotics, a 29-year-old man, with the last name Kim, alongside 23 other suspects were arrested for drug trafficking. Another suspect, whose last name was recorded as Han, was also booked without detention on the same charges. 55 other suspects were booked without detention on the same charges.

Allegedly, the website created for the sale of these illegal products, Deep Web allows users have an easy access. The site had earlier assured users of anonymity by hiding their IP addresses which made it difficult for the narcotics division to track down suspects.

Reportedly, Kim and two other men were charged with the trafficking narcotics weighing about 8kg. The contents of the smuggled drugs include marijuana, hashish and philopon. It was also reported that Kim and the men had been involved in the smuggling between the month of May 2016 and Septemeber 2017. In smuggling these drugs, the suspects reportedly hid the narcotics in their pieces of luggage or received them through an international mall.

Another suspect, 34-year-old Suh alongside 10 other suspects was accused of being middlemen who help deliver and sell the drugs using the Deep Web website, receiving bitcoin in return. Some suspects were charged with a felony for having marijuana in their possession. The 30-year-old suspect called Choi was accused of having marijuana on him because he intended to sell or distribute them. He had been grooming marijuana at the back of his house for over 8 weeks.

Narcotics worth 800 million USD, strong enough to intoxicate 40, 000  individuals at once was reportedly inhaled by Kim and 65 other suspects.Ten suspects who had prior drug convictions were also arrested. The suspects were able to avoid arrest until the latest bust by using a password-secured program, called “GPC Key,” and making untraceable bitcoin transactions, the police said.

During investigations, the authorities found out that the suspects never made contact with their clients. The carefully packaged goods were usually left in mailboxes, flowerpots and other hidden spots for the clients to retrieve.

Information reaching the police on suspects hiding packages in international mails prompted a sweep in which 100 grams of marijuana, 700 grams of hashish and 130 grams of philopon worth over 500 million were seized.

The police also announced that more investigations will be carried out to fish out more suspects and to also find out if other illegal activities were carried out on the deep web site.

The United States president, Donald Trump has banned transactions of the Venezuelan cryptocurrency, "Petro" in the US.

On February 20, 2018, the Venezuelan government officially launched the new oil-backed cryptocurrency which is referred to as 'Petro'. President Maduro had said in a statement, that the oil-backed cryptocurrency would help the country strengthen sovereignty and economic independence as an alternative to the markets in the world. The statement read, " Venezuela will create a...cryptocurrency to advance monetary sovereignty, as it will help to overcome the financial blockade and thus move towards new forms of international financing for the economic and social development of the country."

An executive order was declared on Monday prohibiting any cryptocurrency transaction relating to the Government of Venezuela. He authorized Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to issue any necessary regulations to enforce his order, making thing too complicated for the Maduro government's attempt at boosting its foreign reserves through a digital currency. In the executive order, President Trump said the currency was an "attempt to circumvent the United States sanctions" imposed for democratic backsliding. This order includes every United States citizen along with anyone living in the United States and includes cryptocurrency issued on or after January 9.

It is not surprising that President Trump would make this move in banning transactions related to Venezuela 'Petro'. In January, senators Bob Menendez, Marco Rubio, and Bill Nelson had written letters to the Treasury inquiring how it would safeguard American investors and stop Venezuela from raising funds.

The Treasury Department is yet to reply the letters of the Senators but they confirmed that the Venezuelan cryptocurrency seemed to be an extension of credit to Venezuela and advised that transactions in it might infringe US sanctions.

In reaction to this new development, Russ Dallen, the managing director at Caracas Capital said, "It's a pretty big blow. Since most cryptocurrencies are not actually backed by anything real, cryptocurrency speculation is based on the greater fool theory -- I can buy this at $100 because there is someone who is a bigger idiot who is going to buy it at $200. When you take the U.S. out of that equation, you reduce the interest and potential for that speculation.”

Petro has not only received pushback from outside the confines of the country, it also did not meet well with the nation's Congress as they denounced it as "illegal" and unlawful. and while President Maduro has maintained to have acquired $5 billion from Petro's pre-sale, there's been no substantial evidence backing up his claim.
Report: Twitter May soon Join Facebook And Google In Banning Cryptocurrency Ads

Rumour has it that social media platform, Twitter may soon follow Facebook and Google's lead in banning cryptocurrency ads, ICOs, and other related ads.

In the recent weeks, the platform has become a breeding house for digital currency scams, and the company may want to take steps to put an end to them by banning adverts related to cryptocurrency. This move happens to come after a comment made by Jack Dorsey, CEO and founder of Twitter, that the company would increase its efforts on tackling cryptocurrency scammers on the social networking platform. On March 9, 2018, Verge reported that the microblogging site was taking down accounts that are suspected to be associated with cryptocurrency scams. Scammers have been faking to be Vitalik Buterin, the founder of the cryptocurrency, ethereum, and also the founder of Tesla Inc., Elon Musk, and have used devious means to get unsuspecting individuals to send them small amounts of cryptocurrency by promising to send them a larger amount upon delivery. These con artists use a slight wrong spelling of their username to get users reeled in.

On Sunday morning, Sky News reported that the social networking platform is looking forward to rolling out a policy in the next two weeks that will prohibit adverts connected to cryptocurrency wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges, initial coin offerings (ICOs) and with limited exceptions. 

Recent Ban On Cryptocurrency Related Ads
Again, Facebook and Google have, not long ago, implemented a policy to remove ads related to cryptocurrency. In a blog post in January, Facebook announced it was going to start blocking "ads that promote financial products and services that are frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices, such as binary options, initial coin offerings and cryptocurrency."

Just last week, Google, announced that it was going to include cryptocurrency in its restricted list beginning in June, effectively banning ads for crypto exchanges and token sales.

Reactions From The Community
Just like the reactions got from the crypto community when Facebook announced its ban, Google's move has also already incited lots of reactions in the community. According to a Russian report, the first lawsuit against the ban has been filed in a Moscow district court.  There are also other reports that proposed that Yandex search engine, the biggest in Russia, has also decided to stop publishing ad materials that are linked to cryptocurrencies, mining, and initial coin offerings. However, Yandex has refuted these rumours, claiming that they hadn't made any change to the advertising policy of the company.

Bitcoin's Reaction To The Ban
Since the news on Twitter's ban, bitcoin prices have been rallying around $7,000. The price of one bitcoin token (BTC) hung around $8,337 as of this writing up 1.57% from 24 hours earlier. According to CoinDesk, Bitcoin's price hit a low of $7,336 on Sunday before staging a tentative comeback.
Avast Delivers A Presentation on Internet-Connected Devices Used To Mine Cryptocurrencies
Avast, a cybersecurity company that is situated in the Czech Republic made a presentation on Wednesday during the Mobile World Congress which held in Barcelona, Spain about a number of susceptible internet-connected gadgets which ranges from security cameras to mobile phones that can be hijacked by cyber criminals and made into equipment which can be used to mine digital currencies.

The company had a couple of devices running on a network that was powering a cryptocurrency mining software.
Cryptocurrency mining involves two functions, which are: adding transactions to the blockchain (securing and verifying) and also releasing new currency. In other words, mining is the process of validating transactions on a cryptocurrency network which involves deciphering complicated arithmetical problems with super-powered computers. While the cryptocurrency, bitcoin is awfully tricky to mine without using a supercomputer, Monero can be mined with just a network of devices that are connected to the internet.

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 on: March 19, 2018, 11:28:33 AM 
Started by Arowosebi Bukola - Last post by Arowosebi Bukola
Last week, the value of all digital assets experienced several crackdowns, reducing their prices by significant percentages. It seems that cryptocurrencies have rebounded rather nicely during the weekend with the value of the market rising to $312 billion in USD according to CoinMarketCap.

With the increase experienced by the market, the market cap of bitcoin(BTC) has increased by 7% bringing the total cap to $139 billion. Yesterday, the price each coin increased to $8, 213.99. 

The rise in the price of bitcoin so far.
So far, the price of bitcoin has experienced sudden a meteoric rise which makes it unexpected that the price will be rebound so easily. Bitcoin's value was estimated at  $272 in the year 2015, in the year 2016 the price of bitcoin was estimated at $567 and $4, 001 in the year 2017.  As of this month, March, the price of bitcoin is averaged at $11, 000.  Its rise and fall have piqued the interest of regulators,  banks, bloggers, journalists, developers, innovators, governments and speculators. The interest has also drawn investors who were earlier doubtful of the potential inherent in the cryptocurrency.The recent rise in the price of bitcoin came despite the non-existence positive push from quarters.

The expected price of bitcoin is unknown as several experts and speculators keep predicting the price in the nearest future. Although experts say the price might approach $50, 000, the probability of bitcoin getting to this price is somewhere between 0 and 1.

According to a news outlet, Bloomberg, Paul Day, a technical analyst at Market Securities Dubai Ltd, has been studying the past motions of bitcoin and is of the opinion that a "death cross" is on the horizon.

A death cross is a technical analysis warning sign which refers to a situation whereby an asset price's 50-day rate of movement on the average drops below its 200-day moving average. This usually happens when traders sell their holdings in a hurry.

Paul thinks that if the death cross eventually happens, it could potentially lead to the price of bitcoin falling below $3,000. That will an estimated 66 percent fall based on its current price.

What about Altcoins? Are they still on the rise?
Bitcoin does not seem to be the only cryptocurrency on the rise as other digital currencies such as Ripple(XRP), Cardano(ADA) and Stellar Lumens(XLM) are making a noticeable rise in the market cap value.

XRP experienced an increase by 10 percent, ADA by 12 percent and XLM by 18 percent in the last 24 hours.

Traders will now be crossing their fingers that the market can hold onto these gains during European and U.S. trade tonight.
The cryptocurrency market is hot with varieties of virtual coins and this can be pretty exciting, horrifying, and intriguing at the same time to a plain speculator. The first of all digital currencies, Bitcoin has seen quite a bit of drama as its price plunged dramatically, and fell back catching up its pace within the last month. ICOs, which are also known as Initial Coin Offerings are also in a way, rising with full force.

We can all agree that something is happening with cryptocurrencies. The issue is no longer about how people see cryptocurrency. Investments are not really motivated by the financial promise digital currencies offer, It has become more than that. People are invested in the promise of what blockchain has to offer and the underlying technology surrounding blockchain.  Will cryptocurrency replace traditional currencies in the next coming years?

Thomas Frey sees a future with cryptocurrency. In his words, "cryptocurrencies are going to displace roughly 25% of national currencies by 2030. They’re just much more efficient, the way they run."
Frey noted that Bitcoin is like selling real estate. According to him, Bitcoin is like changing ownership of property, this means giving up a distinct digital portion of the asset that is in the cloud to somebody else. However, while there are a number of companies that have incorporated bitcoin into their system, a good number of companies are yet to adopt the cryptocurrency system.

Where lies the future of bitcoin?
The point is that Bitcoin is not just the cryptocurrency that is seeing a huge growth. It's all of the cryptocurrency, name them. Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, any of these cryptocurrencies is worth tens of billions of dollars, and with the overall unpredictability nature of the digital market, there is no surprise if the cryptocurrency hit the billion-dollar mark.

What is the rage all about? What with people like Steven Johnson who wrote in The New York Times that the "real promise" of blockchain does not lie in us putting aside our traditional currencies, but in interchanging much of what we see as the internet. This goes to show that it is not really about how much bitcoin is but about what the system represents.
Another exciting thing to note about the cryptocurrency craze is how faster people have gone from their initial doubt and complete disdain of digital currencies to their wholehearted acceptance of the technology.

Cryptocurrencies will be around for a while
It is a reality that brands are inclined towards the cryptocurrency trend, and this, in fact, shows there is a future in the cryptocurrency market. However, it also emphasizes the significant challenges. The generation of alternative currencies and the crazy rage investors have over getting some of the bitcoin pie has formed something of a bubble. And this is not all. The more people rush to get a piece of these digital currencies, the more inclined people are towards overlooking some elements of security and avoiding to take some security steps to protect their cryptocurrency assets. Cryptocurrencies will be around for a while and it is necessary people realize the consequence of branding.

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 on: March 19, 2018, 10:00:45 AM 
Started by Arowosebi Bukola - Last post by Arowosebi Bukola
In the year 2008, Economist Nouriel Roubini also known as Dr Doom tagged the financial crisis that was to happen that year, "the mother of all bubbles."  Several CEOs warned their employees off investing in the currency calling it a fraud, at least in the case of JPMorgan Chase, it was so.

Of course, it was evident that bitcoin was the object of the defamation because of its popularity amid 1,300 other digital assets which were created to provide an easy transaction system which the banks obviously could not provide. The transactions will also promote anonymity, untraceableness and privacy which is outside the jurisdiction of governments and banks' policy. The funny thing is that crypto enthusiasts and investors do not seem bothered by the fact that financial top guns and bankers seemed uninterested in the current financial craze to own a coin.

Favourite cryptocurrency of all
The year 2017 was tagged the "Year of bitcoin" as the price of bitcoin rose steadily from $1, 000 to a whopping $20, 000.  A lot of investors bought in a haze to meet up with the wealth gradually piling up. A month later, the story changed, bitcoin lost over 40 percent of its value.

The sudden rise and fall of the supposed favourite cryptocurrency of all times proved how unregulated products could be easily manipulated which could cause it to become volatile and vulnerable.  It is said that only about 40 percent of the world's population trade, purchase and sell cryptocurrency. The promise of anonymity in the use of cryptocurrency has made it the favourite of criminals - arms dealers, terrorists, humans traffickers and drug dealers-  who use digital assets in the funding of their businesses.

There are still so many uncertainties when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies. Investors had been earlier advised to invest whatever they were prepared to lose while considering digital currencies.  The creator of Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, Vitalik Buterin, warned his followers of the social network, Twitter, of the several disadvantages surrounding cryptocurrency. He had said, "Cryptocurrencies are still a new and hyper-volatile asset and could drop to zero at any time."

Why focus on Bitcoin?
Instead of focusing on bitcoin and its competitors, it might be a better idea to focus on the technology behind this currencies - Blockchain. The blockchain is a public ledger or database run on a computer algorithm that monitors and reconciles all bitcoin transactions, protecting the system from hackers because of its transparency nature.  Blockchain allows bitcoin to be free of a central regulating body, making it a decision for people to monitor the transactions themselves.

The absence of a regulating body may be the reason for the hostility shown towards the technology by financial institutions and the government. Marc-David Seidel, a professor of entrepreneurship at the University of British Columbia, wrote in a report that blockchain "can distribute power away from centralized institutions to those that traditionally have less power. … Institutions do not let go of their influence easily.”

Although some financial institutions frown on the use of the new technology, its potential has made it a focal point for others. Recently, the bank of Canada created a project, to examine the usefulness of blockchain, Robert Shiller, the Nobel Prize winner for economics in the year 2013 stated in a conference that he was impressed with the technology behind bitcoin.

Several industries from health care to transportation are looking for ways to include the blockchain into their system.
Cryptocurrency is not just limited to bitcoin anymore. In less than a year, the notion of virtual currencies will be 10 years. As the idea has developed, it has started generating jobs and motivating administrators to build startups, and produce numbers of cryptocurrency tokens with unique capacities and development.

As technology advances, it is blended with our experiences that, it is difficult to envision a time when there was no phone, or shall we say the iPhone, which was 10 last year. It is the millennials who are the generation that is kindling this course. The first origination of individuals to start up with digital technology as a daily part of life that it has become one and the same. There is always a connection between working, living, socializing, and communicating with one's device. And now that we have started to accept "bitcoin" and "cryptocurrency" as a household name, we are just getting started as to what the technology of blockchain can achieve for us.

Why Cryptocurrency Is Natural To Millennials

Being the first individuals to have the science of digital technology at their finger's end, millennials are different in their levels of thinking. Technology is effortlessly intertwined with our everyday lives in such a way that seems totally innate. Millenials do stuff differently from how their parents did things back in their time. Cryptocurrency fits into millennials lifestyles very naturally. The thought of intangible decentralized currency factors into the lifestyle of a millennial whose reality is that of having virtual friends and uber. The idea of cryptocurrency many not seem natural to our parents but it is one with a person who earned numerous views on Instagram for a hair video

Potential of the Blockchain
A lot of talks exists about the blockchain technology upsetting the balance of current networks as the internet was years ago. Little wonder top universities in the world are grappling to meet the high demand for classes that are exploring it.
There are corporations that exist to use the technology of blockchain to alter the essence of the puerile gig economy. Chief Executive Officer Simon Yu of StormX envisions a time millennials would let themselves out voluntarily to working wherever they want, and whenever they feel like on his platform. In his words, “Millennials are particularly open to embracing new technology in order to create opportunities for themselves--and blockchain, the tech behind crypto, is no different. As masters of the side hustle and challenges of the traditional 9-5 working lives of previous generations, millennials are welcoming blockchain with open arms.”

As it is right now, people are still concentrating on the unpredictability of the cryptocurrency markets and when the bubble is eventually going to burst. The blockchain is altering the way things are being done. Very soon, everything will be registered on decentralized ledger networks.

For our parents and older ones in the society, it can be pretty intimidating having to believe in something called blockchain or cryptocurrency. But it will help if we allow ourselves access to information. Reading up and exploring the uses of cryptocurrency may just be all it takes to get comfy with investing in some crypto and trusting the blockchain. As it is, information is all we need.

A lawmaker from the Philippines has proposed that individuals who use digital currencies for the purpose of carrying out fraudulent activities such as money laundering, buying drugs, robbery and all other digital currency related crimes should be punished severely.

Three days ago, a new bill was proposed by opposition senator Leila M. de Lima at a sitting which occurred in the country's senate. Lima is proposing that a punishment, a degree higher than what was formerly provided by the Phillippines' penal code for punishing individuals who flout the rules by committing crimes using cryptocurrency should be created. Filed as Senate Bill (SB) 1694, Leila specifically stated that there are several crimes funded by cryptocurrencies, such as bribery of public officials, money laundering, using digital currencies to purchase drugs and arms illegally, using crypto to pay for pornography and materials banned by the government and scammers who see cryptocurrency as an avenue of getting hold of other peoples' funds.

During the presentation of the bill, Leila De Lima stated that the penal laws of the system must change in tune or in accordance with the changing times and the criminal justice system must be prepared in cases where the new technologies are used for illegal purposes. The popularity of cryptocurrencies in the society may encourage users to abuse the new technology because of the features it supports.

The bill also proposed that the "gravity" of the subsequent sentence should be equal in value to the country's currency in terms of cryptocurrency at the time of the crime. De Lima's proposed bill also calls for the government to always punish individuals who use cryptocurrency for illegal activities by confiscating the cryptocurrency used.

On the reasons for the need to create a new bill for punishing offenders involved in cryptocurrency crimes, De Lima states that the anonymity of the system will make it difficult for law enforcement agencies to trace the users behind a transaction especially in cases where it is used for criminal purposes.

Currently, Philippines is on the verge of creating new guidelines for the purpose of protecting both new and old investors of digital currencies. These guidelines will also affect crowdfunding (a way of gathering funds in the creation of a new cryptocurrency) and transactions of digital currencies. The proposed bill will definitely act as a push to the Philippine regulators who are still coming up with the rules. Apparently, Philippines' central bank and the securities department in charge of regulating the financial system are in agreement over the effort to regulate the use and trade of cryptocurrency in the country.

In the year 2017, the country of Philippines was noted as one of the earliest countries to issue rules to regulate the cryptocurrency market in the country.
The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has made gradual efforts toward regulating digital currencies. Despite the fact that most virtual currencies were created on the principle of decentralization, yet the United States government has deemed it fit to get involved.

The big question on people's mind is if cryptocurrencies should be listed as securities. If cryptocurrencies are to be listed as securities, then, according to the guiding principle which has been in action for a very long time now, digital currencies must be registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. However, as much as this might be the outcome of most digital currencies, a venture capitalist believes that the chief cryptocurrency, bitcoin may not be affected by the whole regulatory stress.

Bitcoin Unmarked?
According to a report by CNBC, Spencer Bogart believes that "along a spectrum, bitcoin is the furthest away from being a security from all of the crypto assets."  Because of this, Bogart says, "it is the least likely to come under a regulatory crackdown."

And Bogart's claim is coming right after the SEC issued released a declaration ordering that digital assets which are listed as securities must be registered. See(

The Howey Test
The future of many digital currencies rests on if the United States government regard them as securities. The United States States Securities and Exchange Commission uses a method that is regarded as the Howey Test.

The Howey test was invented by the United States Supreme Court for deciding if a selection of transactions pass as "investment contracts." If these transactions do qualify, then under the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, those transactions are considered securities and are therefore subject to a number of disclosure and certain registration requirements. According to Bogart, the test asks whether or not investors "contribute money to a common enterprise with the expectation of profit" which is earned solely through the "efforts of others."

Bogart holds the opinion that bitcoin does not fulfil the conditions of the Howey Test and at that, does not pass. In his words, "In the case of bitcoin, that just never has been the case.  There was nobody that launched bitcoin and said...'I'm going to sell you 20% of the coins for a specific price."
He portrays the development of the largest cryptocurrency as more organic. "The software was launched into the world. People started mining, and it grew. There is no central enterprise that receives the money that investors pay for bitcoin and deploy."

Rather, Bogart describes the growth of the world's largest digital currency as more organic. "The software was launched into the world. People started mining, and it grew," he said. "There is no central enterprise that receives the money that investors pay for bitcoin and deploy."

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